You might be an extremist.

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    Obama and UN army are to combat extremists in big cities. Now the propaganda the mass media, aka government, is spreading is that American citizen extremists have killed more people than Muslim terrorists have killed. Of course the picture shown for this crapola is American citizens carrying signs protesting the evil abortions provided by our tax dollars while also carrying the rebel flags. Telling about the few mass killings by not your average citizen but by mentally sick people. Also Australia is saying the same type people protesting in their country are considered extremists and are not wanted in their country.

    So if I am getting the drift of this propaganda ANYONE that stands against evil acts or protests for Constitutional rights is considered an extremist. Yep we don't need fear a Muslim jihadist nearly as much as an UNARMED flag waving American citizen protesters walking down the street not hurting anyone. While the jihadists are killing thousands of Christians just for being Christian infidels.

    Are people so stupid they can't see the ignorance in all of this? American citizens are being used as red flags to support an unconstitutional army and yet the citizens aren't calling for the present regime to be ousted from our nations capitol? All the while illegal immigrants and possible jihadist Muslims are not only being brought here and living on the tax payers dime but they are given special treatment above our laws. If we aren't in the end times of our country then I don't how much more has to happen before it is realized as a fact.

    To all you extremists you better put your flags down and stay at home watching dancing with the stars or sports on your TV. It is said the best way to control the people is to make them live in fear of their government and control the money. They have all but totally completed that here now and they are working hard to see it completed. IMO that is why they need disarm the American people because that is the only thing holding back a total government take over.

    No doubt I am considered an extremist threat because I reveal what is going on right under our noses in plain sight. The old saying don't shoot the messenger doesn't apply here. Our government has seen to it that it is open season on messengers.
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    Today in Oregon a representative of Oregon had announced that for Obama to speak out about gun control when he did is a travesty. He compared it to a car wreck with the passengers still inside needing assistance. Instead of waiting for the facts, knowing all the circumstances, our idiot POTUS runs to the podium and spouts off his big mouth about gun control. This man (I am using the term loosely) has no conscious, no waiting for facts, no time for the people he is supposed to represent nor the brains to wait and see what happens in ANY situation. He runs his big mouth and when something goes wrong, he blames others. He has no conception of what a politician should do except lie about everything! I am sooooooo glad that he won't be around much longer because I hate to turn on the TV and see his mug on my screen. It makes me wanna puke. Now, do you want to know my real reasons?


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    Time left until that smug, muslim luvin' socialist Obama leaves office

    473 days...12 hours.....02 minutes....13 seconds

    Friday, January 20, 2017 (Washington, DC EST)
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    Quoted because - well, just because. Yeah Tommy, what do you really think?

    Obama has managed to do hardly anything he wanted to get done during his time in office. Some of that stuff looked good to me, but that's beside the point. Looks like he thinks he has a chance at an end run around the 2nd Amendment, so he is pushing it hard, and in the process letting everything else slide that his job requires. "A matter of priorities" I suppose. If I thought he would read this I would suggest that he man up, and do the work we hired him for.
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    The things Obama said he wanted to do was just to get elected because he has pretty much completed exactly the opposite of what he said he wanted to do. That IMO tells his real agenda as president.
    He slammed the Bush administration, which probably was correct, but then he has taken what Bush started and ran with the same actions. So that seems Obama just multiplied what he said was so wrong under Bush's fault.
    He said he would bring this country together but yet he has divided it and even goes on national TV to keep the division going. Obama has pushed racist hatred back resembling over 60 years ago. Only now Obama wants whitey off the bus. When we have a president that says he understands the actions of racists then no doubt he is one.
    Last of all we didn't hire him, he was installed by those that paved his way to the White House.
    If Nixon could see today he would ask how are they getting away with it? He would say, I didn't do squat compared to what the recent presidents have done and the present president is doing.
    Obama did say he wanted an internal army as well equipped as our regular army. First off this is against the Constitution and second the NDAA was created to give reign to this army. So Obama has his army now.
    Thanks to the mass media Obama can supposedly do no wrong. Is it any wonder some still support him? Obama has been called out by military top brass as being treasonous but mass media will not report that. I guess they don't want to lose their jobs since Obama's bosses also own the mass media.