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I picked this gun up by chance at a gunshow last weekend. Previous owner was trying to trade it in on a newer compact of some sort. However the dealer was Not allowing him what he wanted onthe trade in. Owner wanted 3 bills and dealer only wanted to give him 2 bills on a swap. He was getting the usual B.S. "It's too worn, too old, finish is worn, etc." dealer told him to go sell it for what he wanted and bring himthe $.

well, opportunity knocked, so I stepped up with 3 bills. Guy got his new gun. Dealer was happy with $. And I got the old beater XD and 2 mags. Previous ownersaid it was a tacticool model, just under 5" in barrel length, had some wear, but not bad for me. And being a cheapo, I got it right, I think. It did have a tacticool light hanging off of it.That just had to come off.

Finally got to run some rounds on a target today. Standard P.V. El Cheapo pizza box target at 7 yards, which is a reasonable combat range IMO. Capped off 7 rounds, slow fire, to check function and accuracy. Ammo was CCI Blazer 180 Gr. FMJs. Gun worked smoothly and perfectly well. Even with the high mileage, it was not bad. Shot to POA by my way of shooting, so it was a bit low. Just have to hold right on taarget with the 3 dot sights for a right on hit. I'm happy with it especially for the price. Trigger was pretty good. Much better than the G23 I got the same weekend. It is an inch longer than the compact G23 Ta and I am unsure if it is actually a tacticool model like the guy said.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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