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The linked site is full of nonsense claiming to be true but actually BS. The depicted weapons would be destroyed o moments because they are all fantasy projections of current military technology.

We already have more proficient systems in place and in development.

We already have artillery that is gps guided, stealth drones that could carry a weapons load that could wipe out a military installation. US weapons systems now excel of any other countries.

I hope the website article is correct that Russia already has the depicted arms and is counting on them because we would defeat that gear with no problem. Of course the Russians are not inept enough to let that happen

By the way we are already in WW3. We have warriors engaged in combat operations around the globe. WW3 is global asymmetrical warfare against ideologically driven terrorists.

It's in WW4 that we have to anticipate super weapons under development now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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