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Safariland 1052 ALS Lightweight Shoulder Holster for your RUGER LCR

Like new with factory package.

I'm just too barrel chested for shoulder holsters.
This one is adjustable and very secure until you need to draw.

(No gun or other item included with this item)

$65 shipped.

Other plces MIGHT have this but might be on back order as well.
I usually ship fast and this stuff ready to go.

I accept money orders and Pay Pal.

Free Shipping in cont. USA.


Like NEW RUGER LCR HOLSTER. Clament Custom Leather holster for the Ruger LCR.(no CT) I really like this holster but can't wear it with my double layer High Noon belt. Great craftsmanship and i don't want to ruin it by cutting on the belt slots. Holster on Website: +++]Revolver Belt Slide Holster++++++

It will fit both the 38+P and .357 Magnum LCRs.

$63 Shipped by Money Pay Order, or Pal (add $3) or money orders only please. Unlike other places right now, I have this in stock and there will be no back orders or delays when you win the auction. I ship for FREE (cont.usa)!



(click for large view)

Simply Rugged speed Strip pouch in superb shape.

I wore it a couple times, went back to speed loaders.

Will include 1 Bianchi .38/357 speed strip but no ammo.

No waiting for SR to make it, or put on back order.

$40 shipped with money order , or $42 Pay Pal.

Vintage Glock Posters -Police Patches, Break In Case Of Emergency!
I now have 3 Glock posters for sale. Both of these have small pin holes in each corner but are serviceable for your gun room.Break In Case Of Emergency Police patches-fifth in the series of five.

Looks kind of like this one.

( some slight watermark on the bottom)

Police Patches- third in the series of five.(no pin holes)

These posters were cool when they first came out.

$48 money orders, $50 shipped by Pal. Buy them somewhere else if you can find them.
Free Shipping in cont.USA.

[email protected] for further info or more pics.

Free Shipping in cont.USA
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