wtb- redhawk 41 mag

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by gary950, Feb 14, 2014.

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    looking for a little more than just a shooter
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    Welcome to TugerTalk. Good bunhc of people here.

    The Redhawk is a very strong gun. I had one in .44 mag some years back. Only gun I have in .41 Mag. is a Blackhawk. I have had it for years. I like the caliber. Got it back in the mid 70s, mostly cause the Super Blackhawk was not available with a short 4.5" barrel. Had the Super, but did not carry it much cause of the 7.5" barrel. So the short .41 made sense. IMO, there is not alot of difference in power with full magnum loads.

    Tried several of the old Redhawks when they first came out. I did not care for the grip, but the gun was plenty strong.