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WTB: 10/22 Takedown

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Anyone know of one available?
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Good luck. Prices went batskittles after the first of the year. Especially around here. I spent 2 months hunting one down last summer when they finally hit stores.
I'm in the same boat. I've been looking for a Take-down version, and there are none to be found anywhere. In fact, I can't find ANY version of it. Nor any ammo! It's insane.
I guess I got lucky about three months ago. There was a blue take down in the LGS and they talked me in to buying it. Nice gun!
As soon as all this craziness of gun control stops you will be able to find them again. Don't panic and pay the ridiculous prices that people are asking for them now.
10/22 Takedown WANTED

Hoffmans in Ct has them I picked up a stainless and tactical they also have bx-25 mags. If you buy a 10-22 limited to 1 per gun.
I see them all over the place until I have the money to actually buy one, then they all disappear.
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Went to cabelas this year for black friday, waited in line 4 hours to get a 10 22 take down, was well worth the wait, got a bx 25 mag. and a red dot sight,this is now one of my favorite guns. hang in there when you get one you will love it .....
Shows $499 and out of stock :(

You have to be fast on the draw with Buds right now, everything they get in stock goes fast.

You can register, log in, and put things on your wishlist than they send you an email as soon as they have any in stock
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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