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I got really interested in the new caliber 17WSM , about a year or so ago.
Found that the ammo was lacking in quality , and therefore was not performing well in the accuarcy dept.

The only rifle then, was the Savage B-mag, bolt action, and the problem was not with the Savage.
Now Browning has joined the ranks , with a single shot rifle. meh..

But I have been following this round, because of its superb ballistics .
It seems that Winchester has tightened its QC, and some good accuracy reports are now surfacing.

Soooooo, my juices have been rejuvinated...:rolleyes::)

3000 fps, from a rimfire, flat shooting out to 200 yrds, whoa !!

Savage Bmag, SS, removable magazine holds 8 ,accutrigger.

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