WSM .17, anybody

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    I got really interested in the new caliber 17WSM , about a year or so ago.
    Found that the ammo was lacking in quality , and therefore was not performing well in the accuarcy dept.

    The only rifle then, was the Savage B-mag, bolt action, and the problem was not with the Savage.
    Now Browning has joined the ranks , with a single shot rifle. meh..

    But I have been following this round, because of its superb ballistics .
    It seems that Winchester has tightened its QC, and some good accuracy reports are now surfacing.

    Soooooo, my juices have been rejuvinated...:rolleyes::)

    3000 fps, from a rimfire, flat shooting out to 200 yrds, whoa !!


    Savage Bmag, SS, removable magazine holds 8 ,accutrigger.


  2. spikedriver

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    HMR is cheaper and more accurate. Seems to me the only advantage to the WSM is that little varmints would make much larger clouds of red mist when you hit them...