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    Ran across this article on the net. I am sure, especially vets will understand and remember this. As vets, some of us were under a security clearance and especially if you were in artillery, you will remember some of the stuff we did that we couldn't talk about. I am sure the infantry had there share of that too.

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    I was in an Armored unit, and there was plenty SAP ,
    certain things we could have been court martialed for, if we discussed it with civilians at the time.

    Could be passed to the enemy as info they didn't need to have.

    Old witch Hitlery is so far above any of that, or any law for that matter.


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    I really think Hitlery will be toast before long. I think those in charge see that the mass public is against her and she couldn't honestly fill the seats anywhere she campaigns. Geeze they have more on her than Nixon ever had against him. I really think she will be dropped before to much longer. I think the plans are already in place. Even Bill is coming under fire from his past. To much dirt is covering the two of them for the masses to vote the Clintons in again. I don't think there is enough bath water to cleanse their dirt off. That's my opinion anyway.
    But then again some people are stupid beyond belief and Hitlery should have been imprisoned for treason already so the future involving her is really unknown.
    Reading that link I would like to know how she got into those SAP files in the first place. Sounds like some inside help or hacking took place. Oh what a web they weave.
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    Hillary is slipping. With her health issues and everything, she's going downhill.......