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  1. gunnerjacky

    gunnerjacky New Member

    Hey guys, which gun according to you is the WORST. My vote goes to Zip .22 LR pistol.

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  2. berettabone

    berettabone In the army now..

    It's a tie...............Highpoint & Glock.....................

  3. VThillman

    VThillman Active Member

    Last I knew, the Zip 22 was termed a 'work in progress' by its manufacturer - during a recall.

    I seem to have expunged the 'worst' guns I've owned from memory. In that rosy glow they were all good - though some were better than others. Closest I can come was a Zastava M70A (a 9mm Tokarev clone), and that was because of the sights, the rest of the gun was OK.
  4. phideaux

    phideaux Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Back a few years ago, I bought this from my LGS, like NIB,

    In 6 months I sold it , with full discloosure, that I had to work up 9mm loads so hot that you couldnt reuse the brass, heck, I even made $50.:)
    Just to get it to cycle

    Sweet looking, but never did get thru a full mag without jamming,
    Didnt want to experiment with it anymore.

    This was the forerunner of the TEC 9


  5. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I would have to say my first CC gun the Kel-Tec PF-9 was the worst gun I had. I liked some things about it but the trigger in short time totally failed to operate. Kel-Tec replaced dang near all the internal parts. I test fired it after getting it back and then sold it.
    The Ruger LC9 is a copy version of the PF9. Glad Ruger made it better than the PF9. All reports I have read the LC9 out performs the PF9.
  6. MagBlackhawk

    MagBlackhawk Patriot

    My worst gun was the most accurate handgun I ever had. An early Thompson/Center Contender. I believe the 10" 44 mag barrel was too hard on it.
    The 10" 22LR barrel had rifle like accuracy.

    Sorry to say it to you guys that love yours. I know a bunch of people like em. Maybe mine was jinxed!
    But that thing stayed broke more than it stayed fixed. Other than that, great gun. I felt like throwing it the lake more than once.

    I'm told the latest versions are problem free good guns.
  7. thumbuster

    thumbuster New Member

    I have an RG 22 cal revolver that's supposed to ressemble a 1873 Colt
    It's the worst gun I've ever seen
  8. guncheese

    guncheese New Member

    my hi-point runs just fine, ive had it for close to 15 years
    and glocks run just fine (i just have no love for them)

    really my vote goes to the ZIP
    a gun without a purpose
  9. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    Two of the worst guns I have ever had was a Glock 26 and a Harrington & Richardson .22 cal.
    Don't want any more Glocks - I will stay with Ruger SR1911 LW Commander for self defense and my 870 Remington shotgun. Also have a Ruger GP100 that I won't ever give up.

  10. dogkinkead

    dogkinkead New Member

    Worst gun I ever owned was an AMT Backup in 380. Like a fool I got a 'great' deal on it from it's previous owner who had sent it back to the factory because the safty failed. Not only was it really nasty to shoot, I had to send it back twice for the same reason.
  11. spikedriver

    spikedriver Active Member

    A New Haven .22 semi auto. That little rifle never runs. The mag sucks and I can't find a replacement.
  12. Win94ae

    Win94ae New Member

    Had a Jennings 25auto that shot powder in your face every shot.
  13. gunnerjacky

    gunnerjacky New Member

    After Zip .22 LR the second most worst firearm according to me is Cochran Turret Revolver. I'm afraid if anybody still has it. :D

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  14. hodge

    hodge New Member

    I haven't owned enough guns to have experienced a dud, and I have enjoyed/appreciated everything I've owned. I just have an opinion.
    Diamondback DB380- my niece owns one, and it jams more than it fires. I researched it a little when she bought it, and Diamondback had a return rate of like 80%+.
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  15. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    People say don't believe the bad reviews on the internet because they are just a tiny number of over all guns sold of that type. I have news for those people, if a gun has a slew of bad reviews or even a certain failure then you can just about plan on getting a problem gun. Been there and experienced that.
  16. OldTexan

    OldTexan New Member

    Taurus PT145....Horrible long trigger pull and it's a crapshoot if you can put it back together after cleaning as it easily locks the slide up in some crazy way I've yet to figure out.

    It's always fired when I pull the trigger so I keep in one of my self defense spots around the place. I take it out and run a mag though it now and then just to make sure it'll send lead down range.
  17. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I have read so much bad about RG guns that I wouldn't ever buy one. There is a reason they are so cheap cost wise. I have never even seen one person that said they had a good one. It is said revolvers don't jam but that evidently doesn't apply to an RG revolver.
    I always was a little leery about Taurus guns but I just bought an PT92. I have my fingers crossed.
  18. MemphisJim1

    MemphisJim1 New Member

    I've only had one firearm I'd regard as "possessed of the Devil" and one that just wasn't worth squat. The Devil's work is a Winchester Model 290 .22 S/L/LR semiauto, that in my mind represents everything that went wrong with Winnies post-64. To call it a POS is to unnecessarily compliment it. For Christmas '68, my return from Vietnam was marked with a nearly matched pair of Winchester Model 100 in .308 and the 290 under the tree. Younger (by one year) brother was gifted with a Model 88 in .308 and a Model 250 .22 lever. The Model 100 never would sight in for me through 4 scopes and hundreds of rounds in the futile effort. I finally sold in the mid-'70s. Less than a year later it was subject to a "do not shoot" recall order for a variety of then-unsolvable problems. Once in the mid-70s, the 290 earned the distinction of being the only firearm I've ever handled that had an "unintended discharge." I had spent a day in the woods plinking with it. Upon stopping, I removed the magazine tube and dumped the few remaining rounds; repeatedly cycled the action and dry fired it to assure it was "safe." Then, the tube was reinserted and one last dry fire tried, In fact, it wasn't dry. The muzzle was pointed safely downrange and no damage was done to anything but my ego. Twice since then at the range I have the same thing happen -- minus the discharge. I know I should be done with the damn thing but it has too much sentiment and I just can't let it go. It's the reigning "safe queen" and the 10-22 will be the semi of choice for introducing grandchildren to the sport. And I hope someday to find where in that tube magazine a stray .22 round can hide.
  19. Nogoat

    Nogoat New Member

    I've had. 290 Win since late 63 and it's still fully functional it was win in a contest. Only issues it ever were created by the operator. The only quality issue was the plastic end of the tube, which at -20 would shrink enough to twist open an dump those 22d in the snow.
  20. gunnerjacky

    gunnerjacky New Member

    My gun purchase is highly depending upon the number of positive reviews that I get from the Internet. I know that we can't really rely on just the reviews. I think I should believe on my guts the next time I go out and purchase another gun for myself.