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Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by Hondo, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Hondo

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    I live in New Mexico where it is legal to open carry. I have not done so yet. I am enrolled for training to get my CCW permit in December. After I accomplish that I intend to conceal carry. I am into metal detecting and plan to spend some time out on the desert treasure hunting. I am into amateur astronomy too. So there will be all-nighters with the telescope out in the deep dark places on the desert as well. For that reason, I will open carry to protect agin critters and such. So I can see myself doing open carry in public if I have to run errands or whatever while I am pursuing my hobbies and interests.

    Full disclosure: I am originally from New Mexico but recently moved back out here from occupied Kalifornia. I ended up in California after I separated from the USAF back in the day to pursue employment with ATT where I spent 20 years as a technician. And that state has the most draconian gun laws as everyone knows. I owned pistols and long guns most of the time I lived there. But most people looked down on it. So you tend to lay low and hang out with people that share your interests in firearms kinda in a covert way. Makes you feel sneaky and feel like your doing something wrong from time to time, when you are constantly being told by "the enlightened ones" that owning guns is bad. Kinda beats you down. I didn't like that much at all! Over time I got tired of debating with em. So I kept my "evil interests" to myself LOL.

    I am so glad to be back in New Mexico where I have the liberty and right to open and/or conceal carry. New Mexico is a shall issue state. I am going to fully embrace my legal 2nd amendment rights while I live here. Till they chuck me in the clay. Breath of fresh air in more ways than one let me tell ya.
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    Sounds good! I just moved from Washington to Idaho and they have permitless carry! Carry open or concealed, no class or permit necessary just the way it should be!

  3. Blkhawk73

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    Remember, that initial course should only be the beginning. Very valuable to pursue other GOOD courses.
  4. buster40c

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    Geeze now living outside of komiformya must be like now living in the real America for you.
    Texas now has open carry but I have yet to see anyone doing it. But I don't get out much and when I do it is seldom I go to Houston. Houston is scary to me and I just have an uneasy feeling when I go there anymore.
    Ha ha it could be worse..........I could live in Chicago.
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    Hondo good luck on getting your permit! Think everyone ought to have one ( well everyone with common sense lol) See you worked for AT&T. I still work for them (got to support my hobbies and habits) I've worked for them for 36 years as outside tech in two different states.

    I tried to transfer out to New Mexico years ago but wasn't any jobs available so I ended up in Tennessee.

    Your in a great state for outdoor and night activities love the desert so pretty and peaceful. Welcome to the group!
  6. DoubleR

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    Thank you for your service!
    So glad you escaped Cali! Unfortunately we're stuck here for a few more years.
    Conceal/IWB carry to me (and my better half) is so much easier after all these years than open/OWB carry. I can draw it better and faster IWB. BUT that is how I practice so my muscle memory is set. You may find the same as time goes on.
    I agree about continuing training after your CC class. Not only is it fun but you can always learn something.
  7. Tommycourt

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    I hope you get your license soon and grats ahead of time. We have open carry in Az however I have a buddy of mine who puts on the CCW class should you elect to get one. He also puts on an advanced class which I am thinking of joining. As we age, we loose our ability to perceive all the situations we may run into plus our dexterity is not as good as it was before we started to go into the "rust" age. I call it the rust age because instead of Right Guard, I have better luck with WD-40. Good luck and best wishes.

    From the land of the sizzling sun-Tommy
  8. MagBlackhawk

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    Man you're in the right place for stargazing!
    I live too close to Houston for any real fun enjoying the night sky.
    City lights and thick atmosphere around here.

    One time on a motorcycle trip I rode through north N.M. late night and stopped to rest, no city lights in the area.
    Man oh Man what a sight when I looked up, the milky-way bright and stars filled the sky!

    I look at open carry the same as you.
    Out in the middle of nowhere late in the night I believe a gun showing could be a very good thing in case some 'human critter' happens along.
    Could make em decide there's easier prey elsewhere if they're bent that way.

    Congrats on getting out of that gun hating state and into a place where at least some politicians can actually use the brain God gave them!

  9. Hondo

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    Wow, lot's of good positive feedback here you guys. Thanks. So far the people here are great. Makes me even more glad I joined this forum. Some of you mentioned additional training after I obtain my permit. Yep I am going to look into it, plus practice what I learn in the class and frequent the range as much as possible! Yea for those of you who mentioned it, I liked California a lot living in the Bay Area can't beat the weather, love my Raiders and Giants. But the place is going to hell. Pretty glad to be outta there. Would have left sooner but I had a dang good job. Cheers everyone.
  10. Hondo

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    Yes I want to get additional training.
  11. Hondo

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    Hey MagnumBlackhawk, I have a couple of 8 inch telescopes, my newest one is a Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8 inch light bucket baby. Anyway, the skies are pretty dark out here in Rio Rancho like you said. The milky way is screamin out here on good nights. Rio Rancho is NNW of Albuquerque so there are some city lights to the south and east, but not even close to as bad as the San Jose bay area. Oh and yes, I will be carrying. The Coyotes are pretty brave around here and I have seen a bunch of discarded beer cans and whiskey bottles out on these desert dirt roads. Gotta be on my toes agin those kinda peeps! Not that I am against hell raisin. Just sayin.
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  12. Floorist

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    Here in Missouri, we have had open carry for a couple years. Starting Jan. 1, we have permitless concealed carry. But I have a permit. Permit holders still have a few extra places we can carry. Next, should be campus carry.