Wolff springs for SP101

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  1. MINK45

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    My wife's SP101 is spurless hammer model . Her finger gets tired of pulling the stock 14lb trigger so I bought a shooter's pak by wolff springs . My question is should I go 10# or 9# w/the 8# trigger spring . I want it to be easier for her to shoot but don't want light strikes. I haven't replaced the springs on an sp101 in about 5yrs so I forgot what I used before lol.
  2. OneMini

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    A lighter trigger spring may make for problems with trigger reset. How about leaving the trigger spring stock, and starting with the 10# hammer spring? If you get light strikes, bump it to 12#.

  3. weblance

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    As easy as it is to change back and forth, try one and if you have problems, go up one size. I found a regular kitchen fork is perfect for compressing the spring retainer. For a long time, I kept a fork in my range bag, because I was always experimenting. I always use the #8 Wolff trigger spring, and find a mainspring that works.
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    Thanks for the post Mink45. I have this to do on my newly aquired 3" SP101. I appreciate getting the info. Thanks also to OneMini and weblance.
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