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    I am pretty sure most have gotten the windows 10 icon that says click for download. I was reading it probably isn't a good idea to download it since it is probably full of tracking/spying programing.
    Anyway if you want to remove it then go to control panel>programs-features>uninstall an update> look for KB3035583. click and uninstall.
    In case some haven't heard, since FCC supposedly IS using net neutrality there has been a lot of reported censoring of web sites. Especially censoring by not sending traffic to alternative news media sites. Perhaps not a coincidence now getting these window 10 free downloads. Tin foil hat stuff? That's for you all to decide. Myself I know of web sites that have been compromised already so I know this isn't tin foil crinkling noise. The web is going to be almost worthless real soon. Alternative web sites will be shut down real soon. This country is real close to being flushed.