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  1. Tommycourt

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    I might be in the wrong thread with this but Jim can move it if he thinks I am. I have always used Winchester primers for my .45's and I hand load with my Lyman hand primer. Last week I went to the range and I had 3 FTF(failure to fire). I thought that seemed a bit strange as I looked at the primers and they had a good dent in them. I saved them and took them to the range today and decided to just try them. BANG! They ignited and went off. I have tried CCI primers before and have a total dislike for them and just stayed with Winchester. In the last reloading session, I reloaded about 200 rounds and out of that bunch I had 7 FTF's. I have never had problems with Winchester before and was wondering if this had happened to anyone else. I haven't checked the lot number yet but I bought these primers this last winter and they were the last of what I had. Has anyone else had any problems and if so, would you please share them with me?

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  2. SavageGuy

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    I use CCI exclusively. I've had two FTF. One 9mm and one 30-06. Both in extreme cold and both had light-ish strikes. They went bang the second time.........

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    There's nothing perfect this side of the veil. The people and machinery that make primers ain't perfect. Post production Q.C. of primers is hit-or-miss by the very nature of the thing.

    There are bad lots out there. Get used to it.

    Yes Tommy, I am admitting that even I ain't perfect.
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    I've used lots of CCI and Winchester,small,large,Magnum, regular,rifle and pistol and don't recall ever having a FTF that was the result of a bad primer,guess I've been lucky. You must've just gotten a bad batch.
  5. phideaux

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    That sounds like a bad run/batch.

    I use win primers primarily, but also CCI,

    Rare, but have had one to fail on occasion.

  6. greg_r

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    I use mainly Winchester, but some CCI as well. No problems with Winchester. CCI has a harder cup. Still, I haven't had a problem. I did once buy a bulk box of Winchester 45 acp. I had several in that pack, 7 IIRC, that would not touch off even with multiple strikes.

    I think you, and I with that bulk pack, just got a bad lot.
  7. Tommycourt

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    Thanks to all who responded. I think I might have gotten a bad batch which can happen to anybody. I think VT(Bob) is right on when he says that the primer making industry does not have the QC that we would like it to have. They are interested in putting out product and lots of it.


    I talked to CCI about 2 years ago about their primers and having FTF's and they had stated that they changed the anvil inside of the primer due to the added expense and I got a bad bunch of them. After talking to the factory rep. I was a little frustrated as he was talking to someone below he pay grade and really didn't have time (or so I felt) so it was at that time I decided to stick to Winchester. If you guys and gals are using CCI's and having good luck then more power to you. Seems to work for Jerry and Jim and Savage (and he is the head techie!) and I can't argue with that kid!!!:thankyou::dunno:

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    I have no idea how many rounds I've reloaded and fired thru the years but it is a Bunch.
    Hope I don't jinx it when I say.... never had a fail to fire where the reload was at fault.

    Always used Win and some Rem in the past. I've just started on my new-ish supply of CCI primers.
    So far so good. We'll see.

  9. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt


    I hope they work out good for you buddy!!! Let me know how things go.


  10. buster40c

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    I have used only CCI small handgun primers loading 38 special and I might have had 1 or 2 out of over 2000 that took a second hit to fire.
    Maybe the large primers, which I have not used yet but am about to use, could have different results. I read someplace about using Winchester #68 large primers for 44 caliber.
  11. Oldhand

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    Loaded thousands of both large and small CCI primers with no problem, good luck to all.;)
  12. silveradoman59

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    I use Winchester, CCI and Remington primers in all of my applications. Stocked up when prices were better. I have had an occasional ftf once in a great while, but don't remember having it happen multiple times. +1 on you must have had a bad batch.