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Got this one off a guy just at closing time on Sunday at the gunshow. He had made several passes at 450 and no offers. I told him I would do 3, but I had no cash. Maybe a trade if all was right with the gun. It looked good, except for a small buttstock repair and some frost on the frame. The rest of the blue was like new. A check of the firng pin showed it was broken. So, I told the guy he now had a 150 boat anchor to me. He said he wantd something that worked. Told him to take a Pardner pump shotgun I had got from a friend cheap. I told him I fired it and it worked. He said that was just what he needed.

Had the firing pin by last Wed. Got it working that night. Checked the zero on Thursday. It was right above the POA at 40 yards with Rem 150 gr. JSPs. Cleaned up the old stock repair and got the frame up to where it looks right. Just a little more cosmetic work and it's done.

Tjhis is another "should I keep it or not" gun. I already have someone waiting to swap me another gun for it. They are just getting so hard to find now. Well, cheap anyway.
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