Will we have another 9-11?

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by Tommycourt, Sep 6, 2016.

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    I have been watching the history channel and they have devoted a lot of time to the attack of 9-11-01. If you watch the entire presentation, one has to wonder how we were so naive at the time with the terrorists who hit NY and DC. After 15 years we have grown and learned. But have we learned enough to stave off another attack? Are we ready to combat another deadly force that would try to destroy another one of our cities? Many of the politicians said we have learned and studied and will be on high alert this year. What would happened if they are wrong? What would Lame Brain and Hildebeast do in the event of another attack? Are we safer now than we were 15 years ago? What are your thoughts? Terror groups like to celebrate anniversaries and events of terror and trauma. Obama has released many of the Gitmo detainees and they have a 40% recidivism of returning to terror.
    I have to wonder if we did learn and how are we going to react?

  2. phideaux

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    What would Obummer do?

    He would apologize for them.

    What would Hitlery do ?

    Lie about and say it didn't happen.


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    All we can do is make the next one more difficult. Can't defensively prevent it without shutting down civil liberty. The rest of the way, I mean. On offense, we cant prevent it either, the world is too big, the BGs can hide. We can only retaliate. Surgically; not the 10-for-one crap the Nazis used.
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    When Obama is paying to bring in thousands illegally then you can almost bet something will happen. Fast and furious guns showing up a long ways from Mexico? Mideast rebels armed with US arms. Talk about aiding and abetting the enemy Obama has that down pat. Then comes all the Hillary sell outs..........any doubts what will happen in our country?