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The gun is HUGE in comparison with my .357 LCR.

Given that the WC has a buttery smooth and light DA, plus a very light and crisp SA
trigger pull.

I think with the right IWB holster the WC will be a great carry gun.

Yes, the best trigger I've ever encountered on a RUGER DA revolver!

Sights are great on it as well.

My carry load is the equally modern and exquisite Double Tap 110 gr. TAC-XP
solid copper hollow point.

More Pics:
Wiley Clapp TALO Limited Edition GP-100 Photos by czrami | Photobucket

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I picked up my new GP-100 WC at my local FFL dealer's shop this past Saturday. This was the worst new-gun purchase I have ever received. I don't blame Ruger...I blame Impact Guns. This revolver did not even look new, although it clearly had not been fired much (probably just the spent casing test). There were scratches & wear marks all over it. Even the grips were damaged. Impact Guns has been unresponsive, but Ruger's customer service stepped right up. They immediately emailed me a shipping label, promised to make it right in short order, and then get it right back to me. Ruger's customer service is top notch. They've always gone the extra mile when I have needed them. ;)
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