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    If you ever thought about having a gun but thought do you really need a gun then this article is for you.

    I remember what happened to my grandmother when she was probably in her 70's. She had gone to bed as usual and she slept soundly till she awoke the next morning. The drawer on her bed head board was open and a flashlight among other things were missing.

    Evidently through the night someone broke into her house without awakening her. Evidently the intruder was standing right next to her ,while she slept, the intruder opened the drawer right above her head. Grandma was sound asleep which in one way was probably good because had she woken up she might have panicked being gripped by fear. Who knows what the intruder might have done to her had she been woken up by his presence.

    People often have smoke alarms and a fire extinguisher but for some reason they don't consider protecting themselves from an intruder. They might have door alarms or motion detectors but what happens after an alarm goes off? Will calling 9-11 save you when it could be 20 minutes or more before the police arrive?

    Thinking of grandma.

    One of the reasons I decided to get a dog was for my protection. Hoping the dog barking at an intruder would wake me up before an intruder was standing over me while I laid in bed sound asleep. That is the wrong time for me to think how can I protect myself, grab a gun, or try to safely escape.

    I really never cared much for guns and I read the stories of crimes involving guns and people shot by their own guns. I started noticing more and more reports of home invasions and often while the people were home. I started reading reports of how many people were saved from harm because they had a gun in the house or even on themselves.

    One report was about a man and his wife at home in broad daylight when several intruders broken into his house. The man had a collection of watches and guns but they were locked up in his safe with the couples other valuables. The man had no access to a gun outside of his safe. For this reason the man was forced at gunpoint to open the safe and the intruders stole the contents including the guns. The couple were tied up and beaten before the intruders left the house. If this man had a gun or two located within reach he could possibly have stopped this break in from going to the extent that it did.

    I don't write this to scare anyone but rather to possibly cause some to realize the need for a gun. People buy a safe to protect their valuables but yet they rely on calling 9-11 to protect their most valued which is their own life. 9-11 is not meant for protecting you, it is for your reporting of a crime or a call for help. Perhaps a gun could protect your life till the police arrive to arrest someone or make out their report.

    Just buying a gun and shoving it into your nightstand isn't a defense either. You have to learn all about how to use the gun safely to protect yourself instead of harming yourself or innocent others. You have to have some provision to alert you in time of crisis so you can get to your gun. That gun better be loaded with the safety of all in mind. An empty gun is no defense.

    Think about which would possibly be a better defense of your life, a call to 9-11 or a call to 9-11 after you grab your gun first?

    How much does a person spend on a burglar alarm but can't justify a couple or few hundred for a good gun? $400 can buy an excellent gun for defense. If money is an object a couple hundred can even buy a good gun. So for maybe the cost of your visits to Starbucks you could have a gun to protect yourself. Coffee isn't that good for you anyway. It can make you fat.

    Remember you have the right to bear arms and protect yourself as well as your country.
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    We figure the police are only minutes away but it will likely all be over in a matter of seconds.
    When you call 911 you could be just calling the mop-up crew...


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    It is a wonder why so many people think calling 9-11 will save them. I guess maybe because of the thought you should let the police handle it. They don't understand a police report is after the fact. Same as firefighters are often called the basement savers.
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    All you're doing really by calling 911 is trying to get someone with a gun to cone stop the bad guy for you. Why shouldn't you do that for yourself?
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    Perhaps the saying "day late and a dollar short" might be similarly applied to calling 9-11.
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    In my town response time (getting there) is pretty much dependent on your location. A friend who lives about three hundred twisting yards from the main square can figure on about five minutes. I live in a hamlet about five miles away, so it's about fifteen minutes for me. Five minutes is none too soon.
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    Why should I have a gun. Because I know the enemy has guns. I also have guns, I also have family. Family that I love and will protect till my last breath. I have guns, because you never know when that man in blue will need assistance, I will help them if need be. I also have a gun for my community because I know there are those who don't know how to protect themselves because they were raised to fear them. In natural disasters looters become a problem, these are criminals they'll attack and rob the defenseless. Nobody needs to be shot but they'll know they're not welcome. I have a gun because even police can't make it on time and you might need to handle your business. There's also other reasons why I have guns, remember guns are tools. When duck season hits I grab the 870 and my bird dog, I also carry a side arm for alligators and hogs. The 870 puts food on the table, which makes memories in the blind, what I call blind stories. Hunting is an adventure. I also carry a gun, because one day I'm going to be an old man, and then my days of a fighter are over, that I will need to defend myself. Truth is every good person deserves the second amendment deserves the freedom of gun ownership that shall never be infringed.