White House doesn't care about victims

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by Tommycourt, Jul 23, 2015.

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    Yesterday 5 families went to Congress and spoke of the illegal aliens that have committed murder in their families. One said that both Republicans and Democrats were willing to listen about the sanctuary cities and how they lost loved ones and what was the government going to do. Well, today, Josh Earnest, Obama's speechifier said that the White House is going to do nothing, nothing at all. It was all the Republicans fault that this ever happened. They want to pass a bill called "Kate's Law" whereas illegal felons would spend 5 yrs. in the pen for a felony and be deported. Obama said he would veto such legislation. These were all white people. I wonder if they were Afro-Americans that were killed, would he feel the same way? He will NOT let ICE or any federal agency interfere with his immigration law. He is sworn by oath to protect America and it's people but only at his discretion. Now lets' wait and see what happens in Texas where the patrolman stop a black gal and threw her in jail and she hung herself. Will he get involved in that? The patrolman may have been wrong in the handling of the situation, and I will give you that, however they sure didn't go into the jail and choke her to death. When is Congress going to start keeping America safe or do we wait until this upcoming election is over? I hate turning on the news cuz all I hear is Obama on the Letterman Show and Obama on a campaign speech or he is busy golfing. I am really getting tired of all these excuses that our country leaders are giving us.
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    Want to know why nothing gets done in congress to counteract everything O does...?



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    It's always everyone's fault except the Democrats and Obama. Pull the shades down! Don't wear your uniform! Hell no you can't have a gun to protect yourself! What a moron!
    Funny how Obama's muslims got a gun to kill with but oh no he didn't say squat about that. No you soldiers can't have a gun. You are to be sitting ducks just like in an amusement park arcade. I think that is called aiding the enemy, aka treason.