Which Model 10/22 Takedown

Discussion in 'Ruger Rimfire Forums' started by ChrisKles, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. ChrisKles

    ChrisKles New Member

    So I am thinking its time for me to add a 10/22 Takedown to my collection. When I check the Ruger site, they are now listing 23 different Takedown models. For a general knock about rifle, spending time in the truck or RV on some long cross country camping trips, I am curious about which model you might recommend. Also thinking about a red dot reflex sight, and what you have installed on yours.
  2. MemphisJim1

    MemphisJim1 New Member

    The recently announced 10/22 Takedown with Target Barrel is what I lust after. I'll go to a thumbhole stock and make some minor changes in the trigger group. I already have a BSA red dot I may or may not mount on it, More likely I'll go with the BSA Sweet 22 scope (which I generally regard as one of the more underrated inexpensive scopes on the market). Mine likely won't get as much "knocking around" as some 'cause I have neither a pickup or much acreage anymore.