Which 9mm round is best for SD

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    Most of you know I carry a SR1911 LW .45 cal. commander however I did end up buying a SR1911 9mm. I have viewed a lot of gel tests on You Tube and they concluded that the Hornady Critical Defense or XTP is one of the better rounds you can buy. I also have a box of Black Talons, 9mm, 124grn and I did some research on it. Although they quit making them in 1993, I have fired a box of them to see how they recoiled comparably to the Critical Defense and the XTP. Both are about the same. The Black Talon took a bad hit from the media as they were called "cop killers" and they in no way penetrate armor that cops wear. However the wound cavity they present is much more formidable than the other 2 rounds I mentioned. The "flower" much more extensive and the outer covering is razor sharp. In my 9mm I carry the XTP if the Critical Defense is not available and I have a spare 9mm mag pouch that is full of Black Talons. To all your 9mm carriers, which round and what size do you feel the most comfortable with? 115grn., 124grn, or the 147grn.? I carry only hollow points regardless of the caliber I carry. As far as fps, the Talon is up there with the Hornady's so I don't see that as a problem. What is your opinion
    and please explain why.

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    Your SR1911 ought to eat +p without indigestion, so seems like your options are wide open. Wound channel, adequate-but-not-over penetration, those are the primary criteria. Velocity by itself means zip, it's those other two things that matter, along with hitting your target in a 'sensitive' place before your target hits you.

    Since you are well aware of all that, consider the above as Positive Reinforcement.


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    Lots of variables to think about. Just be careful if you choose the Hornady's. It did not like my stock .40 cal Glock ramp, and would jamb every time until I polished the ramp.
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    Check out some YouTube gel tests for Federal HST ammo, any bullet weight. That stuff works!
    The bullet ogive looks like it should function in any pistol.... :Cooltu:

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    I carry 115 Critical Defense. In my own, admittedly less than scientific tests, it was tops. I haven't tried all the expensive top SD rounds though. I did find that Gold Dots were both inaccurate and innefectice from my LC9s. I think possibly because of the velocity losses from the short barrel. I do keep some Winchester SXZ on hand also. It has been very accurate for me, but I don't fully trust the simple hollow point design.
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    On the you tube tests I saw, the Federal HST 124 grain standard velocity worked best from the short barrels. I have Hornady 124 grain XTP and have been happy with it in my LC9.;)
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    My carry pistol is a shield, I have followed shootingthebull410 and his very well done and scientific studies. From that I chose federal LE HST 147gr as my carry ammo for that pistol. I also tried it out myself on a couple of bone in hams and shoulders. It worked perfectly on those as well. Now for home defense, I have a Ruger American Duty size (about 4.25" barrel) When I got that, I rooted around on youtube some more and watched a velocity only test that Hickok45 had up on short medium and long barrels. He found statistically not that much difference between and glock 26, 19 and 17. there was not as much difference between each of the three. (Less than 100 fps for both FMJ and JHP) , my ham tests still showed the same damage with my longer barrel, so I decided that carry or home defense, Federal LE HST 147gr is my round. Do with this info what you will, your mileage probably will not vary much.
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    I carry Hornady Critical Duty 135 gr