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    Politicians talk the talk but they don't always walk the talk. People go for a job interview and most often they are asked for past work history and references. Almost all job applications state if any of the information given is false then that is grounds for termination.
    So we have Hillary whom was investigated for crimes committed while she was secretary of state which she was not found innocent by any means. Instead she was cleared of prosecution or indictment because her misdoings were simply actions committed due to errors in judgment. Now notice she was not found innocent but actually guilty of the crimes. She even admitted herself she did the email crime but it was just a foo pah in her temporary judgment and she will never do it again. She got her get out of jail card by admitting she did it. WOW! Isn't that a confession? Now she is claiming Colin Powell did the same things with his private email and he is who suggested she do it. So it was okay because someone else had done it but just didn't get caught at it? If that story is even true how is that an excuse for her actions?
    So here we have a person running for president that can hardly be trusted with top secret information. Whoa back up jack! How can the future actions of Hillary be predictable if she were to become president when she has evidently no respect for law and order or acting within the confines of her government position?
    Her most notable statement involving Benghazi was "what difference does it make now". Well maybe many Americans are dead now. Perhaps terrorist rebels wouldn't have modern weapons now. Perhaps Gaddafi wouldn't be dead and Libya might not have been taken down.
    All with what Hillary was and is involved with and people still think she would keep this country going forward with a greater possible chance of prosperity? Where is that logic coming from?
    It has been said that the best way to rob a bank is by owning it. I don't trust Hillary to own any bank I depend on for security. Let alone her trying to own this country by becoming president. She has already stated she will take away the 1st and 2nd Amendments. And people actually trust this country in her presidential care? Where is the logic?
    I have no problem seeing the lesser of two evils. Trump's past as far as I know isn't littered with dead bodies or crimes against our country. Where is the logic supporting Hillary over Trump?
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    Well after today's news about Hildebeast and her access to the state department either she goes to jail or Lame Brain and Loretta Lynch will give her a free pass. More than likely she will get a free pass. IF she is elected, then I am sure that anyone who shells out a million bucks will have as much access to her as she did as sec. of state. We all know that our government is corrupt, has been and will continue to be. Presently I am sick to my stomach of hearing about Hildebeast and Zippergate Bill. IF Hildebeast is elected, he will discontinue his speeches. What if she is not elected? Is he going to continue to have $500K speeches? WE ALL KNOW that the Clinton's are above the law. I have lost faith in the FBI when Comey failed to come up with any reason to convict the beast. Trey Gowdy asked him questions and he refuted what Hildebeast had to say, showing she was lying, yet could not find a reason to press charges. I PRAY that Trump will win. All through Clinton's career they left a trail of bodies. I don't know about Trump, but I don't see body bags laying all over like the Clinton's did. The politicians want to keep kicking the can down the road. I hope Trump kicks one under Hildebeast's feet and she falls on her ass and hit's her head again!!!!!!! End of continuous rant. I hate the Clintons!!!!