What's Your Favorite Cartridge and/or Firearm and Why??

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by justin626, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. justin626

    justin626 New Member

    So with being someone that is relatively new to owning firearms and shooting in general, I'm real curious to know what other members here reguard as there favorite gun and/or favorite cartridge to shoot.

    Even if there is something else out there that you absolutely dispise, I'd like to here about it too.
  2. tater

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  3. phideaux

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    I like so many of the calibers, shoot and reload almost all handgun calibers.

    But, my absolute favorite, all around, the one I shoot the most, is.........

    .357 magnum.

    Easy to reload, inexpensive to reload, good for target shooting, good for hunting, and its the caliber I teach my grandsons with, after learning with .22, then .38, then .357.
    Once they shoot .357 out of a nice revolver or a lever action long gun, thats all they want to shoot
    Depending on my day ,and my attire, I ccw a nice lite weight .357.
    Just one of my three rotaters for ccw.

    IMO, best all around caliber.

  4. jmohme

    jmohme Well-Known Member

    A few months ago, I would have said 22lr, 9mm, and 223 because you can always find those calibers at realistic prices.
    So much for that theory!
    I still favor those three, as long as I don't run out.
  5. justin626

    justin626 New Member

    I have a serious interest in both lever action rifles and revolvers. I have no experience with a lever action and purchased my first revolver only recently.

    Actually I'm looking to buy a good 357 some time in the near future. Probably something concealable. Have any good recommendations?
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  6. shadecorp

    shadecorp Member

    Right now my favorite is my
    in .45 colt.
    Next in line,
    My genuine Colt 1911 A1
    .45 ACP.

    I Likes Big Bullets.
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  7. LCR-lover

    LCR-lover Member

    My absolute favorite to shoot is .22 auto pistol. I have Ruger SR.22, a Ruger mk 111, a colt Huntsman, a Baretta tilt barrel, a Taurus tilt barrel and a Iver Johnson Oh--my least favorite is single action handguns
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  8. redhawk4life

    redhawk4life New Member

    Some of my favorites are the ones that can be shot out of multiple guns, 22lr is a given,revolver, semi auto, rifle. 9mm, 357, and my 454 which i can shoot almost any 45 cal out of from 45 short loaded lighter than 9mm for paper punching and the wife all the way up to the 300 gr. Azz kiker bear killing round.
  9. KMO

    KMO Northern Arizona

    Hmmm...a tough question to answer, indeed. Well, my favorite firearm over the past decade has undoubtedly been the Mini-14 & Mini-30. I think Ruger really nailed down an excellent design with the Mini's, and my appreciation for them has grown into a successful side business for me. That stated, the current price and inavailability of ammo has led me to my latest favorites, my 10/22 target rifle and my Ruger Charger. And yet...neither my Mini's nor my 10/22's are by my side nearly as often as my .45 acp pistols (Sig P220, 1911 Ultra). This question is just too difficult...like asking me which of my daughters is my favorite. I just can't do it...I'm stressing!
  10. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 greyhawk50

    I agree. A very tough question to answer.
    For obvious reasons, the 22 lr. tops the list because of cost and versatility. Rifle or pistol. My Ruger Mk2 Comp. Target Model is great fun.
    If, for some reason, I could own only 1 firearm, it would be a 22 mag. rifle but that's just me. Preferably a lever action model.
    The firearms that have given me the most pleasure over the years have been shotguns. Shooting Trap, Sporting Clays and Skeet have provided many hour of enjoyment.
    The firearm that I've found to be the most fun to shoot was a 9mm carbine.
    So many to chose from, so little time and money. :p
  11. Win94ae

    Win94ae New Member

    I like my Win94 30-30 a lot, but my Howa 1500 30-06 is what I grab if I really need to hit what I'm shooting at.

    Actually, that isn't correct and a bit off-track... What I'm trying to say is;
    If the shot is of great difficulty, I'm better off grabbing the 30-06.

    If you like lever actions and also want a 357 revolver, a lever action in 357 could be something worth looking into.
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  12. Blkhawk73

    Blkhawk73 Member

    Hard to really narrow it to a single choice. 10/22's, #1's, Bisleys, P7 series HK's... .22lr, .357 max, .41 mag, .45 Colt
  13. threetango

    threetango Special Dance Instructor

    Favorite in rifle would be my Bushmaster 308 (7.62X51) reach out and touch someone.


    Pistol would be my Springer XDS in 45 cal ( concealed carry)

  14. dutchs

    dutchs New Member Lifetime Supporter

    My M1 in 30-06...........or maybe my Marlin in 45-70...........maybe my Rossi lever in .454 casull ,....ah hell
  15. spikedriver

    spikedriver Active Member

    Wow that's hard to answer. I used to have a Remington 700 BDL in 25-06 that I really loved...It never shot groups better than about 1 1/2 inches, but boy did small critters vanish when 85 grain Ballistic Tips hit them. Wish I wouldn't have sold it, but I used the money to get my LC9 so it's OK. Black plastic pistols are hard to love, though...
  16. justin626

    justin626 New Member

    A 357 revolver will be certain eventually. I would love a lever action in 357, 44, or 454!!
  17. Will

    Will New Member

    My favorite carry round is Federal 125 gr. JHP .357 Magnum, just because it does what .40, and .45 owners think theirs do.
  18. FrogSwatter

    FrogSwatter New Member

    That's like asking which is my favorite child or grandchild. :eek: All kidding aside, IMHO that is about the hardest question you could as a gun enthusiast. There are about as many different reasons to like a certain caliber or gun as there are, well, calibers and guns. But I'll try. :confused:

    For just shear enjoyment of shooting/plinking, I would have to got with either a Ruger Mk. III or Single Six Convertible. Depending on how fast I wanted to go through a brick of .22s.
    If I was being a little more serious, a 9mm or .357.
    The gun I'm drooling about right now is a .460 S&W.

    Again, a good .22 in the configuration of your choice is hard to beat for just plain fun and squirrels.
    When it comes to anything bigger than that, it will all depend on what you're going to do with it. I don't have anything designated as a "target" rifle. To me everything is a target rifle. It's just the targets change from paper to live and back again. I can only say, that I have tried a few different calibers and guns and have yet to find one I didn't have a use for. (At least that's what I keep telling myself.)

    Justin, I'm sorry if I didn't really answer your question but as you may have guessed, I LIKE THEM ALL! :D
    Black powder guns are a LOT of fun too.;)
  19. JaPes

    JaPes New Member

    The most versatile handgun I own is a Taurus M66B6.


    Why? No magazine to lose. 7-shot cylinder. Fixed barrel accuracy. .357 Mag is good for defense and hunting. It can also shoot .38 Specials. Super long sight radius & an excellent single action trigger. The double action trigger is stout, but very manageable. It's not my favorite pistol in my collection, but definitely the most versatile. It's also the only center-fire revolver I own.

    My overall favorite pistol cartridge is 9mm. I can't choose a favorite 9mm pistol because I really like each and every one I own. I sold/traded the ones that just didn't fit me.

    My favorite rifle is a Ruger 10/22.


    It's mildly modified. Power custom hammer & sear. Aftermarket mag release. The bolt's been polished, jeweled, machined, and pinned. I got lucky with the factory barrel, it's more accurate than I am. The only target I have a pic of is at 75ft, fore end rested on a bag, Federal 36gr bulk.


    I only have one shotgun, a Benelli Super Nova Tactical. Since I only have one, it's my favorite. :)
  20. hombre243

    hombre243 New Member

    I like my Marlin Model 60 .22 rifle. I like my Savage MKII FV 22 even more. It is more accurate than any 22 I have owned before. It also handles hyper velocity ammo better than the 60. If I had only one rifle this would be it. Just because it is accurate, powerful and fun to shoot, I like my Ruger Blackhawk 45 Colt/45 ACP. It is a serious contender for 1st place. I buy guns that I know I can handle well. I do not have collector guns. I use every one of them and sell the ones that do not fill a need. I also like black powder rifles and revolvers but I have whittled down my BP guns to 2 rifles: a CVA .45 cal Kodiak Magnum and a T/C Bone Collector in .50 cal. I shoot .40/10mm saboted bullets in the 45, and .45 saboted bullets in the Bone Collector. Both are capable of massive tissue destruction on large game. With the 45 CVA I also have sabots that allow me to use .356 90 gr lead bullets for squirrel hunting if I so desire, without having to go to the expense of buying a Kentucky or Pennsylvania Long Rifle.