What's it worth? Ruger LC9S-P150 Anniversary Model 211/1000

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    Hey guys,

    I joined the forum hoping someone could give me a little direction here. I recently took in this firearm in sort of a barter.

    Original owner is a friend of mine. Gun has in 9/10 condition and I only say that because I see the tiniest wear from being in a holster.

    This is the 150th Ruger anniversary Lc9s.
    The catalog number is LC9S-P150 and the model is 03238

    I am wondering what it is worth as I am going to want to sell it. I have original box / manual / etc along with 1 or 2 holsters and single clips holsters i'd obviosly be throwing in. Really just looking for a value of the gun. I know the original owner purchased it because he believed the values would go up quicker than they have, being that only 1000 of these were made. This is #211

    I am not able to post a picture because I am new to the site.
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    Welcome to the forum from deep south Texas!!!!! Ya might wanna look that up in a book of gun values. Fjestad's, etc.
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    There is one on Gunbroker with a $490 starting bid.
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    As mentioned, GunBroker might be a great resource. I'd also suggest find a reputable gun shop (stay away from pawn shops / second hand store) near you that might have a gun appraiser. A friend asked me about gun value trying to settle a family member estate, he contacted what I believe is the closest reputable gun shop I mentioned here in Michigan. Think he was happy with the value they mentioned (slightly higher than I thought).