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    So, the first two threads in this section of the forum kind of started this. Basically, what do you have for a safe(s) and what have you found to be the pros and cons of that safe. :confused:
    I'm looking to buy and would like to hear some real world knowledge/ suggestions on which way to turn. What are some must have accessories?:cool:
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    I own two American Security BF ( Burglary/Fire ) 6030 series safes...


    Outside Dimension 59.25" x 30" x 26"
    Weight 1,005 lbs
    Warranty Lifetime
    U.L. Burglary Rating RSC
    Meets DOJ Standards Yes
    Interior Capacity 11-14-25+2
    Door Thickness 4.75"
    Body Thickness 2"
    Fire Rating Mercury Class III (90min @1275F)

    •½" steel plate door combined with 1" DryLight insulation.
    •2" total wall thickness on all sides featuring our poured DryLight insulation and two layers of steel for exceptional fire and security protection.
    •U.L. Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification.
    •11 massive 1½" chrome-plated bolts. Bolt detent system holds bolts in open position.
    •Mercury Class III fire protection of 1275°F for 90 minutes. Designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°F.
    •Commercial grade, adjustable ball bearing hinges.
    •2 Stage Dual fire seals with silicone seal on door jamb and expandable Palusol™ seal on door.
    •U.L. Listed Group II Lock with massive hard plate and two relocking devices.
    •Spy-proof, key-locking dial with decorative five-spoke handle and a convenient pull handle in brass, chrome or black nickel.
    •Unique mirrored back wall for added interior visibility.
    •Bold zinc die-cast polished logos in brass, chrome or black nickel.
    •Premium Door Organizer (PDO) maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items. All PDO’s include:
    •Various see-through pouches and zippered pockets to store valuables.
    •Two rows of holders for storage of choke tubes, small flashlights and ammo.
    •Two full-width pistol storage systems to accommodate multiple handguns. Comes with four holsters. Additional holsters can be purchased separately.
    •A long gun storage system that accommodates two guns. Includes the AMSEC exclusive “no hassle” quick release band.
    •Models PDO7250 and PDO7240 offer a zippered pocket large enough to store letter size folders.
    •4 pre-cut anchor holes and 1 pre-cut electrical access hole.
    •E-Z Slant-Out Interior for easy access to your long guns. Interior features rich pin-dot fabric and adjustable interior shelving.

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    Mine is a Cannon 72"x40"x24"
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    This is the safe I always wanted. It is my 4th gun safe. I just give my 1st to my son-in-law. Just because... He works hard to take care of my daughter and grandchildren.

    #1 Stack-on 8gun security cabinate GCB-908
    #2 was a Sentry 10-14 gun, not fire rated 1/4' door G1055
    #3 is a stack-on 22 gun, not fire rated SS-22-MB-E

    SKU Number: 3910084

    Manufacturers Number: TS7240DLX
    Brand: Cannon
    Type: All-Purpose Safe
    Exterior Width: 40 in.
    Exterior Depth: 24 in.
    Exterior Height: 72 in.
    Inner Width: 38.5 in.
    Inner Depth: 18.75 in.
    Inner Height: 69.75 in.
    Capacity: 39.6 cu. ft.
    Gun Capacity: 48
    Product Weight: 710 lbs.
    Exterior Material: Heavy Gauge Steel
    Mounting Type: Floor
    Lock Type: Type 1 Commercial Grade Electronic Lock
    Fire Protection: Yes
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Color: Black
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    Maybe someone got this figured out already, but Ill pass it on anyway.
    Works great for me. I have 2 Winchester safes ,in my garagre in a Room double insulated, 7 ft hi ceiling, walls built to snug against the safes , after they were in and bolted.Have the golden rods in each.

    But so I dont gotta open the door so much ,I added these little toys .


    You put the transmitter inside the safe and put the base wherever you want to, and you can see the temp and humidity INSIDE the safe, without opening it.

    My safes , stay at 42 to 50% humidity and about 45 to 55 degrees inside, all winter, and will run about 50-57% humidity and up to 90 degrees in the summer.
    Thge room is 3ftX8ft and 7ft tall and I keep a 75 watt light bulb on all the time , and the room never goes below 40 deg , even on nights of 15 deg outside temps(rare).

    Never seen any rust or any other problems.

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    Sportsman Steel Safe


    Bought mine many years ago.
    Because they are local.
    Shipping cost you know.
    But I am as happy with this safe as I would be with one costing A Lot More.
    The los angeles area factory is close by,
    I stop in and say hello once in a while,
    and watch them being made.
    If you are close to a factory you can watch yours being made,
    Just the way you want it.
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    I have the Cannon S-19 26 gun safe.
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    Cabela's Woodsman 24 gun made by Liberty.
    Pros: good value.
    Con's: Not big enough. :D
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    That always seems to be the main complaint about any safe after a while.:(
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    We have two Cannons with (medium size and big) with elec locks and one Centurian with a mechanical lock. I bought the Centurian so I would have weapons available until I could beat the locks off the Cannons in the event they were wiped out by EMP.