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Thought I was going to get by with deli meat sandwitches. But that didn't happen. Wife wanted me to do some Baby back pork ribs. I had already done a whole brisket on the 2nd for my daughter's office party on the 3rd. The brisket was wiped out and I did not get any. So it was back to the BBQ pit on the 4th.

Had some byaby backs with a nice rub mix. Need to have enough brown sugar to make a cup or two of the rub. Rub recipe was brown sugar, comino (cumin), salt, cayenne pepper. Add a little water and mix it cause a want it sticky. Strart with the brown sugar and a little water in a mixing bowl. The salt,, cumin, cayenne pepper, is mixed to your taste mostly. And add butter if you wish. You can add enough butter to make Paula Deen smile. Rub a good layer on the ribs and save some and add a little more water to pour on the ribs as they cook. BBQ @ 275 to 300 degrees is good for a couple of hours over your favorite wood. Mesquite for us. We have acres of it. Guess an oven broil or bake would work in a pinch.

Don't forget chicken, hill country sausage, and grilled tortillas & picante sauce on the side. Arroz con frijoes a la charra (Mexrice and charro beans for those that don't habla).

Looks like this.

Sitting on the patio drinking a Shiner Bock. Wishing the pool had water in it. But the main pump needs to be replaced. Electricity and chemicals to rund the thing is a beeetch. [email protected] money pit. And nobody but the kids come out here now.


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Barbarian Burgers,
Grilled burgers , topped off with sauted, fresh green peppers mixed with fresh onion and mushrooms .

Baked beans, fresh canteloupe, watermelon, old fashion lemon icebox pie.

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