What is the minimum to buy on a 10/22?

Discussion in 'Ruger 10/22' started by Sportymonk, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Sportymonk

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    When I look at all the different sights, stocks, trigger assemblies (which I hear is the #1 mod), I figure why buy the entire rifle new to throw so much away?

    Is there a minimum piece one could buy to avoid throwing away so much stock pieces?
  2. sorcererf6b

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    If you google “ custom 10 22 Ruger” you’ll discover,as I did, that you can build one from ALL after market parts. The one video I saw he had around a $1,000 into his build with out any Ruger parts. You really need to decide what you’re ultimate use is going to be.
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  3. Blkhawk73

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    Depends completely on what YOU want it to be when completed. Very quickly money spent may give fractionally minute improvements but consider if that additional potential of .02" is worth the expense. It's also not just buy parts A, B and C slap 'em together and call it good if you're after a higher level of accuracy. All the components work together not compensating for the other. Ex: The top level trigger won't compensate for the low level barrel. Optics and ammo are within those components. Go with a GOOD barrel, don't waste it with crappy ammo. make it fit YOUR needs. Additionally, big fancy names don't necessarily means it's better. ;)
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