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What are you drinking right now?

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Me...unsweetened ice tea.....
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Mad elf only comes once a year!
SGW GUNSMITH & MR. QUIRKY are not drinking they are eating magic mushrooms ! Time has come to use the ignore button on them both !
Eggnog as it seems only be available this time of the year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
1912 PENDLETON rye whisky. Very smooth and as good as any rye whiskey made in Japan, and that' saying a lot B/C the Japanese make some of the best rye whiskey. Those good ol' boys know their rye!
I write at 5:30 pm EST. I just poured a double 12 year old on-the-rocks Duncan Taylor Blended Scotch on the rocks. Pure Bliss.
Dweis, Nest Time try some 18 year old ABELOUR single malt. Mmmmm
1761 - 1767 of 1767 Posts
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