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What are you drinking right now?

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Me...unsweetened ice tea.....
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It's early morning so it's large quantities of coffee. :D
Pepsi,it's all I ever drink ;).
Monster lo-carb
Found a new blended whiskey I like....Forty Creek...just enough in a miracle whip jar to steady my hand enough to shave....LOL
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Coffee. Black.
A 24 ounce mug of Folgers Black Silk. Black and strong...
8 O'clock 100% Columbian, hand ground this morning and then French Pressed into a strong but tasteful early morning lightning bolt.
Ask me about 3 pm and I will say...I just cracked open a quart of my homebrewed Bavarian Weissbier (which I improved to 7.9% ABV). I might also say that I am preparing a 4 gallon batch of Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner and it will be bottled in 2 weeks. :D
Just finished off the coffee. I like Starbucks Kenya.


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MTN Dew at 9:40am, after 3:00pm it will have a shot (or 2 :D) of Vodka in it.
Diet Coke and Cruzan 9 spiced Rum.
Just finished the last bottle of Guinness Stout...time to re-supply !!
Home Brew?

Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale
KingWalleye (I love Minnesota Walleyes) Is your Wild Hare Pale Ale a home brew recipe? If so, where do you buy your supplies?
Cowfee. When I was young, my brother took me with him to Tennessee, to meet a man he had corresponded with for a few years, who was a model car builder. We stopped in a diner for breakfast, and the waitress, who must have been the inspiration for FLO on the 70s tv show "Mels Diner", asked us "Do Y'all want Cowfee" in her thick southern accent. Growing up purely midwestern, that didnt compute, and I stammered for a few seconds while my brain tried to figure out what the woman had just asked me. That has stuck with me for 30 years, and now when my wife askes if I want coffee, I just smile and say cowfee? Yes please.
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