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    Today my Gunsmith called he has no time to work on my two Rugers . I gave him my guns in October a little over three months . In that time I did not call and never heard from him .

    He said today he had got some contracts and just have no time . My two Rugers one needed the barrel cut and front sight stuck back on . The other a RSB Predator from Mag-Na-Port needed some work also ( easy fix) Non have any work done ???

    It has been over three months and I drove 280 miles round trips (three times) . I delivered one gun at each trip and parts the last time now I am going back to get my guns THE LAST TIME .
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    Unfortunately that is the story with too many “gunsmiths”. If you can find a reliable one be sure and be loyal. Too often they are not loyal to you.
    Many are not true gunsmiths with no formal training or credentials. Best of luck finding a new one.

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    It took FIVE months to get a custom fit recoil pad installed on an old inexpensive shotgun a while back.
    After three months at the first Houston shop, that had a "professional" gunsmith, I finally had to just go pick up the gun.
    After the next "professionals" had the gun for six weeks I went in and asked them why would you guys take a job with no intention of doing said job.
    They apologized and had it done in two weeks, the amount of time originally quoted.
    Good luck at finding a gunsmith that can, and will, do the job that was agreed upon.

    Our gunsmith experiences are why I only buy guns that the manufacturer will take for repair (and get it right) or service, even after a few years of ownership.
    That leaves Beretta out, and probably a few others I've yet to learn about... the hard way.
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    Far too many firearms-centric small businesses are started up by guys who enjoy guns and/or are good at some technical aspect of using/maintaining them, but have no idea how to run a business. They often aren't dishonest or otherwise bad individuals...they just don't know the difference between doing something as a fun hobby and making a living at it.

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    Sorry The Ruger on top is the Predator The Other is a Ruger Tomahawk