Warning!!! Purina Busy Bones

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    I hesitated to post this but I know how much many of our members love their furry friends and I feel I should put this warning out there.
    We've had a lot on our plate recently. On impulse we bought Purina Busy Bones as a "treat" for our dogs. Something different for a change! It's Purina! It's got to be ok! We feed their Pro Plan (not anymore!) They "care" about animals. (Said now with serious sarcasm) We really never buy bones like this because we have real cow bones to give. Lesson learned.
    Our dogs eat a lot of "stuff" on the ranch and have never had a gut problem before. Cast iron guts we always say.
    We ended up having to rush one of them to the vet due to extreme vomiting that became bloody VERY quickly. Her abdomen was also bloated and painful.
    X-rays showed a very strange "mass". Turned out the small pieces she'd chewed off the bone had turned into a mass in her gut. She was violently throwing up and not a piece of it came up. Just her dinner which she had eaten an hour or so after the bone. Trust me on this.
    After fluids and meds we waited for specialist to consult on the very odd X-rays and her blood results.
    Sure enough after meds and fluids started working she had diarrhea and chunks of the "bone" came out. (Sorry for the TMI) The chunks weren't even remotely digested.
    When we looked online we read story after story of dogs with the exact same symptoms/diagnosis and countless dogs dead because of these exact bones. Both from what we experienced and many choking deaths.
    I've read Purina's responses and they just don't really care. Guess they are making enough money off the lucky people who's dogs don't get sick, and or die from these "treats".
    Please learn from our very costly mistake! We're devastated to know that we did this to our baby. She is still recovering and we hope she makes a full recovery soon. Her current X-rays show the mass is pretty much gone thanks to carefully planned meals, meds and fluids and only a few small pieces look to still be hanging around. I expect the next X-rays will be clear. We hope.
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    Wow! Surely Purina realizes that our dogs are part of our families! What does it take to get the attention of large companies?

  3. havasu

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    I can't picture what these busy bones look like. Can you post a pic for everyone?
  4. DoubleR

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    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1456932477.180322.jpg
    They come in all different sizes and quantities.
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    I'm looking for another Beagle puppy now,
    And thank you Erica for the warning.

    Sorry about your baby going thru that for no reason.

    I will never buy Purina again..
    I always used Purina Puppy Complete for my pup....not anymore.

  6. DoubleR

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    I honestly don't know.
    In my research since our pup got very sick they have quite a few products that have a LOT of problems with yet they still sell it.
    If you go on Amazon and look these "bones" up it will probably break your heart when you read the reviews. We got them from Walmart just on impulse without researching them. We feel awful.
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    Thanks for posting. I will stay very far away from those.....
    I'm so sorry about your dog and I hope she had a complete and speedy recovery!
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    I quit buying most dog food brands because the dog food is really poor quality. Read the ingredients and most all, even some more expensive brands, are practically the same ingredients. Almost all the main ingredient is corn meal then all kinds of cheap by products. No wonder a lot of dogs don't like their food.
    I have been buying 4 health pet food which has no grains, soy, gluten, or corn meal. The main ingredients depend on which flavor you buy. The main ingredient in the one I have now is chicken. I pay around $32 for a 30 lb. bag but my dogs really like it and seeing what the ingredients are I feel it has to be more healthy for them. Check out the ingredients of your pet food. Check out 4healthpetfooddot com.
    I have mentioned before the dangers of using several of the monthly flea, tick and worming pills. I quit giving my dog Trifexis after seeing my dog's reactions to it.
    Thanks for the heads up on the Purina dog bones.
  9. Tommycourt

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    I hope everything turns out for you little furry mate. Dogs are not just dogs, but part of the family. My little dog got sick last year, and the vet said it was due to "valley fever" which adults in Az also suffer from. It can and is deadly so when they say move to the desert to ease your pain, you must be very careful due to all the dust in the air. We just don't get enough rain to cleanse the air. I wish you the best and hope your "family" gets better real soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

  10. shadecorp

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    Sure hope your Dog is getting better.
    I fed my Dogs purina Dog chow
    Switched to purina beniful ?
    Saw something online about beniful probably causing problems
    asked my neighbor, a Vet about beniful, he said NO.
    He said they feed their dogs purina pro plan.
    So I started feeding them pro plan
    So what can I feed them that wont hurt them.

  11. Blkhawk73

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    Maybe I do it differently but I look at ingredients for what I give my dog. A search provides this as the ingredients for these Busy Bones:


    Rice, water, glycerin, dried peas, dried carrots, wheat flour, gelatin, chicken by-product meal, wheat gluten, glucono-delta-lactone, added color, sorbic acid (a preservative), calcium propionate (a preservative), natural and artificial smoke flavors, BHA (a preservative), BHT (a preservative).

    Nothing there screams loud enough to get me to buy them for my dog.
  12. DoubleR

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    Thanks. :) She's a heeler. They are pretty tough :)
    Just hope we can save others from this or worse.
  13. DoubleR

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    We do research our foods etc. This was an impulse buy after suffering a tragic sudden young pet loss in our household. We weren't really thinking strait. Just wanted a simple treat for our kids we didn't have to thaw. The very next day after our loss we're at emergency. We're beating ourselves up pretty good. Just don't want to hide behind shame and have someone else suffer because of it.
  14. DoubleR

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    Thank you so much :) She means the world to us. She's doing better every day. We got very lucky. I rushed her in quickly.
  15. DoubleR

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    Thank you so much. :)
    Beniful is one that is killing dogs at an alarming rate. I've spoken to multiple vets about that food and all have said its serious and stay clear of it. My in laws were feeding it and I was worried. Also Greenies.
    We were feeding Purina Pro Plan after a lot of research. We ended up with even more healthy problems. Now we feed a raw diet. I know exactly what's going into my dogs and cats and how it's handled/prepared.
    Maybe look at what Buster posted above? Biggest thing is read reviews on places like Amazon where REAL people's peak their mind.
    Good luck! :)
  16. threetango

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  17. spikedriver

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    I feed Purina Pro Plan with very good results. But I know they do make some low end stuff. Pro Plan has helped my dog a lot, he had a joint injury to his left shoulder and I can tell when I feed something else, he limps and gets stiff. I'm disappointed to hear Purina is sending out dangerous food. Gonna have to consider other options...
  18. gunslinger669

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    We blend Pro Plan Focus, 4 Health and Blue Buffalo and add cooked rare real beef or cooked chicken for our pack, and only give them frozen beef bones from our butcher as a treat/chewy. We tried Nylabones but they splintered them and the one Kong we gave to them was shredded into chunks within 2 days. Not a problem yet.
  19. RavenU

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    I've been a dog breeder/trainer for almost 40 years, as well as a dog owner before that. RALSTON-PURINA SUCKS! One of the very first things I learned about dog food is that the supermarket stuff is as likely to kill your dog as to nurture it; and Ralston-Purina is one of the worst. If it weren't for the generally inferior quality of everything Purina makes there would be no high quality, specialized nutrition, dog food market; and there is; and it's huge! All thanks to the high sugar, vegetable-based crap that Ralston-Purina has sold to American dog owners for decades - Decades!

    Not too long ago Ralston-Purina was absorbed into Nestlé, the huge worldwide food and water conglomerate whose principal business is tampering with the world's natural resources. If Purina were interested in producing cheap animal feed and selling it for a high price before, wait until you see what's sure to happen next! The occasional killing of a few pets, here and there, is nothing compared to where the current development trends in mass-marketed animal feeds is obviously going. Yesterday, it was your family pets that were in danger; but, tomorrow, it's going to be ....... .

    Should you be worried? For years now I've suspected that all of the major international food and water supply conglomerates have been using their animal feed products in order to better assess what they can develop and get away with feeding people - People! This is, I am certain, where the corporate-produced, poisonous animal feed anomaly is going. Why, you might wonder? Well, there are a whole lot of socio-political, economic, and just plain raw-profit driven reasons.
  20. gunslinger669

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    Well, since "they" haven't developed soylent green yet and I don't feed my family canned or bagged food, I'm pretty sure we're going to be OK.

    And, unless you commit to feeding your pets fresh "real" food (which we're considering, since the per pound cost of quality prepared pet food is so high), then ANY commercial food you buy is about profit. Yes, it may be very healthy, but the higher the quality, the higher the cost. At that point it's time to start thinking about feeding them real food.