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This should be under the reloading section, but I failed to see it. Anyway,
the Perfecta rounds are made by Fiocci and sold under the Tulammo logo.
On 9mm and on some .45 cal. they are using standard size primers and not large pistol. The reason I mentioned the 9mm is that they use a Berdan style
primer on some of their rounds which you may have to watch out for. They use non corrosive powder and are really cheap, mostly sold by Wal-Mart. I have been scanning other threads and some have stated that they have had quite a few FTF (failure to fire) and others have stated that on some pistols they tend to leave brass filings. They have stated that the brass is coming from the rounds that were fired. From my understanding, a * like symbol is used on the rounds with the Berdan rounds. Check over your rounds closely before you put them in your progressive loader.

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