WARNING! A False Flag Group Launches Today

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    Need to keep an eye on this group

    The American Rifle and Pistol Association (ARPA) is a FRAUD!

    Do you remember the phoney "American Hunters and Shooters Association" that pretended to support gun rights ... but actually advocated more gun control and endorsed (surprise, surprise) Barack Obama?

    Well, now with the 2014 elections gearing up, another fake gun group has popped up claiming to support "sane" gun ownership.

    They're called the American Rifle and Pistol Association and they're officially launching today, July 4. But don't be fooled by all the firearm photos on their Facebook page or all the Second Amendment talk on their colorful website.

    Here are direct quotes from their statement of principles:

    R+P exists to promote SANE gun ownership and SANE firearms management. SANE stands for: Safety, Advocacy, Networking, and Education.

    R+P believes that it is each state's right to determine for benefit of its citizens any prerequisites, qualifications, documentation, training, and levels of demonstrated proficiency, if any, deemed necessary for lawful use of differing types of weapon systems. The establishment of any such requirements are not the prerogative of the federal government.

    R+P seeks to work with state and local governments to help establish effective training and licensing programs designed to increase public safety while protecting eligible citizens' rights to keep and bear arms.

    Got that? "Sane" gun ownership. Demonstrated proficiency. Licensing programs. Protecting "eligible" citizens' rights.

    Exactly where in the Second Amendment does it say any of this? Who determines what is or is not sane? Since when do we need to demonstrate anything to exercise a right? Why do we need more licensing? And who exactly are the oh-so-lucky "eligible" citizens among us who will be granted protection from this bogus group of sham artists?

    No, we don't want "insane" people to have guns. And yes, we think training is great. But we don't need more restrictions. We've been fighting for years to remove restrictions that do nothing to improve public safety and are designed merely to infringe on our rights as American citizens.

    Spread the word about the counterfeit American Rifle and Pistol Association. Not only are they frauds, they're purposely insulting all gun owners by launching their pretend group on Independence Day.

    Those of us with Buckeye Firearms Association, and thousands of other good Americans around the country, work countless hours week after week, year after year, volunteering our time to defend and advance our rights.

    We don't hide who we are or what we stand for. What you see it what you get. If you disagree with us, fine. Stand up and be heard. But don't put on a mask and lie about your true intentions. That we cannot tolerate.

    Warn fellow gun owners on forums. Give a heads up to your buddies at the range. Don't let these fakers take our hard earned money or collect our addresses to further their anti-gun agenda.

    If you want to read more about these charlatans, here are a couple links that have already started to expose this insincere farce:


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    Thanks for the heads up opaww !!

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    Switch the letters around and you get AARP. They want to restrict gun rights also.
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    More Garbage from our enemies.
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    Thanks for posting OPAWW - going to get this out to some other facebook pages I'm on!
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    Thanks for the heads up OPAWW !