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    American citizens better wake up to the fact there is a coup going on to oust Trump so the deep state can take total control of the US government to totally install the socialist new world order. It is totally unacceptable how many non elected individuals as well as elected political figures are in on destroying what's left of the USA republic. The agenda is get the power in hand so they{deep state} can install a totalitarian socialist government.

    This ongoing coup based on totally fabricated false accusations has got to be stopped. Anyone that thinks the present politicians will make much of an effort to stop it should wake up and realize that they will not speak out to stop it because they are in on it themselves. This is tyranny from within our own government representation.

    In my and many other's opinion our country is teetering towards total destruction by treason and tyranny from within. What is happening right now was the purpose for the founding fathers writing the 2nd Amendment. Here it is folks, this country is at the point of fight for it ourselves or lose it to the tyranny present right now. Several countries have had their government overthrown by coups. Will the USA be next? Will American patriots let it happen?

    The 1st Amendment, freedom of the press, is now all but totally controlled due to 95% of all public free speech platforms being controlled by as few as five major corporations. Newspaper, radio, Television, and now the last mass free public voice platform, the internet, is about to be totally censored.

    I believe Trump is correct that we are teetering on civil war. If Trump doesn't jam the deep state gears now then the 2nd might be our last hope. Would it be called a civil war or a revolution to take back our government for the people by the people? Will it take the 2nd to be our country's salvation?
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    I can furnish my own weapons and ammo for the first 3 days.