Vicious attack on LEO

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  1. phideaux

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    Dallas TX,

    As of early this morning, 5 LEO dead , and 7 seriously injured.

    I watched last night until I went to bed ,
    I awoke to a .....well... how do I describe it...?

    As my eyes started leaking...

    Total sadness for my country.....?

    I think we have just experienced a very serious turning point in our beloved country.

    9-11 changed our country forever ,from the outside..
    This too will change America forever, from the inside.

    A VERY SAD day in our country.

    God Help Us,

    Thoughts and prayers for those families whose lives changed drastically forever last night.

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  2. VThillman

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    That sadness is or will be widespread, and in many cases will morph into anger. I hope that anger will be intelligently focused and controlled.

  3. havasu

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    Obammie wanted hope and change. Well, he got change. Very frustrating that he uses these officers deaths to grandstand his anti Second Amendment beliefs.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    RIP: All the Dallas Police Officers who lost their lives last night while doing their duty...


    Time left until Obama leaves office

    195 days...13 hours...03 minutes...13 seconds

    Time until Friday, January 20, 2017 (Washington DC, EST)
  5. nickndfl

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    It was an ambush.
  6. gunslinger669

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    Until we can act as one race, the Human one, we are doomed to continue this senseless, pathetic, ignorant behavior. Wether it's skin color, sexual orientation or religion or whatever miserable excuse we use to spew hatred and violence without cause it doesn't matter; none of it is excusable. While the killings done by the police officers over the past few months were tragic and inexcusable, they weren't premeditated assassinations. The attack on and the murder of the police officers in Dallas will ripple through this country for years.
  7. jeager106

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    Sickening what happened. Now Obammie will use this tragedy to promote his anti-gun agenda!
    I'm retired ( disabled ) l.e.o. with 22.5 years service. Back broken 4 times, 3 concussions, both hands been
    broken, hospitalized 2 X with smoke poisoning. Thought that only happened to fireman hey?
    Not trolling for sympathy please. I took my disability retirement, started college at 48, at 53 earned 2 degrees
    and finished work life after 8 years at G.M.
    Now I'm just cursed with spending my time shooting, buying new guns once in a while, and gardening and fishing.
    Ahhhh, the trouble and toil of retirement.
    Alas the money sucks!
    Happy to be here.
  8. buster40c

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    All the talk about unwarranted killing of blacks but those same people doing the talking aren't saying squat about unwarranted random killing of police officers. Police officers several states away that had nothing to do with any of the past shootings are not unwarranted? This is all such ignorance it is pitiful. The powers that be are looking for any reason to enforce a police state and the stupid sheeple are going to even ask for it thanks to the bought and paid for news media.
    You can bet the police state forces will be carrying AK 47 as their main weapon rather than just handguns like present police carry. Oh but then those evil AK 47 guns will be given excuse for being the weapons used by the police state. Watch and see.
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  9. Tommycourt

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    That's way too much time for me. He should be out of office now and organizing a Easter egg search for the Chicago community.

  10. MagBlackhawk

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    Barbara Jordan:
    A black female member of the U.S House of Representatives from Texas in the 1970's. (A first for the Nation).
    When anything happened that could divide us more she was on TV working to bring us all together. Not tear us apart.
    She didn't take a 'side'.
    Her 'side' was ALL of our people. I admired her for that.

    Barack Hussein Obama:
    Even though I knew Obama was VERY anti-gun when he was elected I had high hopes for him. He certainly was not my choice but still, high hopes.
    Remembering Barbara Jordan I was thinking this guy has an opportunity to go down in history as the one that brought us together like no other could.

    I understand the police that were murdered in Dallas were protecting the people protesting AGAINST them, the "black lives matter" group.
    Blue Lives Matter, probably more than mine because I'm not out there doing a thankless job and protecting people that are pumped up to hate me.....

    God speed to all law enforcement officers. We're praying for you, your lost brothers and their loved ones.
  11. buster40c

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    There is a show here on Fox Houston called Face Off with Quanell X one of the two commentators. IMO Q X is about as racist as a person can be but he can't see it. Today it was about the Dallas shooter being a member of the Black Panthers, was at the armed protests at the Waller County Sheriff jail, and was a big instigator and so called leader in the black lives matter movement.
    Q X said the shooter was not due to being involved in the Black panthers but he was the result of public racism. He even said the shooter in his opinion after meeting him some time ago suffered from PSTD. The other commentator asked him why he didn't inform people that the guy was a possible powder keg. Of course that's when he went off on tangent that the man's problems stemmed from so much racism.
    I had a few expletives for him and then I changed the channel. I can't stand racial ignorance.
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