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    Subject: Hitlers proponents are students.

    I watched a new TV show called 39 minutes. Holy cow this is going to be used for propaganda total dumbed down mind control of the masses. This first show was all about these students trying to get the 2nd amendment removed by more gun control so they will not lose anymore of their school friends. How the NRA is so evil it is killing innocent children. Guns kill and guns need be removed from the hands of the public masses. It's the only answer to stop mass killings. Anyone with a brain capable of researching history knows this isn't the answer. Neither are more gun laws. There are already probably thousands of gun laws that have not stopped lawless people from killing innocent people with guns. Gun Free Zones get people killed rather then protect them. But God forbid we make an effort to protect our schools from people entering them with guns. Arm a teacher to protect students from a person that brought a gun into a gun free school zone. Are you insane? That's the story the far left want you to think. They want an answer to stop school shootings then arm the teachers or have armed guards or metal detectors at entrances and have entrances locked down to outsiders during time school is in session.

    This is where freedom of the press or should I say censored freedom of the press has ended up becoming the latest propaganda for mind control. They get enough people hearing only one side of the gun control and 2nd amendment issue and the people's minds brainwashed into accepting this ignorance as facts. Once they get what will be reported as acceptance by the masses that gun control is a must then the politicians will say the public consensus is that they want politicians to vote more gun control stripping{infringing} the 2nd even farther. Florida just did that.

    These kids obviously are not being taught in history class that Hitler disarmed the Germans in order to kill them rather than protect them from gun violence. That is what the 2nd is all about. It isn't about only being allowed to have a hunting or sporting gun. The reason "shall not be infringed" is in the 2nd is to protect the citizens right to have comparable armory to government armies so they are not disadvantaged in a fight against tyranny. But oh no don't let those dumbed down kids speak about that. The way some see the 2nd is anything other than an old musket rifle is not covered by the 2nd. Yeah go to war with a musket rifle against a government fully auto M-16 and see how quickly your soldiers die. Do you now understand why "shall not be infringed" was written into the 2nd ?

    Oh and it has also been reported that the main witness and instigator of these student marches is around 25 years old and isn't/wasn't even a student at the Florida school campus. But that isn't what we hear on mass media. Supposedly Hogg's parents are government employees. Oh and BTW the show hit on that these kids are not crisis actors. Yeah let's get that believed to be a lie. How do they do that? BY not letting alt news be heard by the mass public that's how.

    People just don't realize what these student protests are really set out to do. Yep they aren't letting this crisis go to waste. They figure using kids to get their propaganda believed is the way to get it accepted by the public masses. I mean these crying students have to be on the up and up and no way could be part of a government tyranny or could they. That would be asinine to think that. WOW People better wake up to what is happening in this country right now. Every form of mass media is being used to get the socialistic agenda realized while using the same socialistic means to shut any opposition to it down. 1st amendment freedom of the press rights removed for as much alternative news media as they can. How are they doing that? They are controlling alt web site media means of financial support. No money means they have no web site to voice facts against the far left agenda. The far left socialistic propaganda machine needs only have one voice heard, THEIRS!

    You think these student protests are for peace and stopping gun violence? Guess again or should I say don't believe the brainwashing by mass media. Like they say history repeats itself.
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    Hogg quote "our parents don’t know how to use a democracy, so we have to."

    You can hear him say this in this interview by a Liberal web site:

    He states he isn't for removing the 2nd amendment, but I don't believe that. And he doesn't want his 1st or 4th amendment rights to be touched (even if it is for student safety).

    quote is from this link:
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