Update on my Commander from Ruger

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    Today Mike from Ruger called and visited with me about my Commander being worked on in the shop. For those who don't know, I sent it back as rounds were flying back into my face and it tends to shoot low. Mike stated that he replaced the extractor as it was loose and did some adjustments. As far as shooting low, he can't today, but Monday he will take it to the range and fire a box of shells and see how it hits. I explained that @25 feet, it shoots low. They have a "shell box" that they test fire the pistols in but don't take them to the range. He will take it to the range and test fire and give me the results. I told him that if I am doing something wrong to let me know as accuracy is what I am after. We talked about barrel length as the Commander is 3/4" shorter, trigger squeeze, and recoil anticipation. I explained to him that with my full size I don't have that problem. So Monday will be the day he will get back to me if he can and possibly we will find out what the problem is. I would like to add: Ruger techs are very, very polite and listen to what you have to say. They do not criticize about anything and really want you to be happy. Will update you next week.
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    Have to say Ruger is all about customer satisfaction.

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    Sounds like they are doing everything they can to solve your problems.

    Keep us posted , if you can.

    Im sure you will be satisfied with it.