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I recently converted the original trigger group for my 9 mm RUGER PC chassis carbine to a Franklin Armory Binary trigger. Then I bought second trigger group from RUGER "just in case" the ATF&E decides that binary triggers from Franklin Armory are suddenly "illegal".
As well my indoor range prohibits firearms with binary triggers in the building. Thus the last time I went there with m y RUGER PC I had the OEM trigger in it.

As for the OEM trigger in the RUGER PC I find it very good, especially when compared to the heavy, gritty, long reset triggers of other PCCs I've tried, including military full auto PCCs.
The average pull weight on my OEM RUGER trigger is 3.4 pounds after 5 pulls with my Wheeler digital trigger gauge. AND the trigger has a rather short reset as well.

My observations of the binary trigger are that it is great fun to rip off a 30 rounds from my GLOCK "happy sticks" in binary mode at around 700 rounds per minute. That 30 rounds goes in seconds!
BUT... the accuracy sucks. Even with the heavy weight of the RUGER PC chassis carbine (16" barrel), an M*CARBO muzzle brake and a MAGPUL Angled Forearm Grip staying on target is tough.

On the other hand, with the binary trigger in SEMI-auto mode (5,2 pound pull) , leaning against my firing lane cubicle "wall" I can make a ragged hole in the target at 15 yards. An even smaller hole is possible with the OEM trigger's much lower pull weight. I credit this accuracy to RUGER's excellent cold hammer forged barrels - and CCI's quality control.
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