'Twas the night before inauguration

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    Author unknown...

    Twas the Night Before Inauguration!

    Twas the night before Inauguration, and up in the tower,
    The Donald reflected on his newfound power.
    The conservative masses had come out in force,
    And delivered a victory that would chart a new course.

    The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes,
    The media lied to them . . . What a surprise.
    They had been promised a Hillary win,
    But the criminal Clinton took one on the chin.

    And though from all corners celebrities flew,
    They made no impression, for they hadn't a clue.
    They talked about climate, racism, and such,
    And they made up good stories . . . But didn't know much.

    The fake news and ignorance came at a cost,
    And they can't understand all the reasons they lost.
    They blame it on Comey and Bernie and Vlad,
    But fail to acknowledge the one that was bad.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton, in many ways flawed,
    Was her own biggest hurdle toward getting the nod.
    The campaign exposed her corruptness and greed,
    And her speeches were punch-less as ten dollar weed.

    So out in the streets there arose such a clatter,
    It was Soros-paid protestors and Black Lives Matter.
    With cities to pillage and windows to smash,
    They knew not the issues, but needed the cash.

    Eight years of Obama had given them cause,
    To expect a replacement of their Santa Claus.
    But soon the protestors will feel the pain,
    When the wheels fall off of the old gravy train.

    And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear,
    Upset and offended by things that they'll hear.
    The cocoa and crayons will help for a while,
    But fact-based opinions will soon cramp their style.

    I originally supported, and voted, for Cruz,
    In the end, I would vote for whoever they choose.
    He wasn't my first choice, but soon I would cede,
    The one they call Trump is the one that we need.

    I saw him on TV in front of a crowd,
    He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud.
    He spoke about energy, safety, and jobs,
    Taking this country back from the Washington snobs.

    He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat,
    And the Brunos he wore made the outfit complete.
    For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit,
    And he looked presidential, I have to admit.

    His eyes glowed like embers, his smile was the best,
    And his hair was the color of my old hunting vest.
    His love for this country was on full display,
    And his actions spoke louder than his words could say.

    He thanked all his voters, and before he was gone,
    Saved thousands of jobs while Obama looked on.
    The fate of this country left nothing to chance,
    So, he filled out his cabinet weeks in advance.

    The men he had chosen were of the same mind,
    Let's set the bar high, and not lead from behind.
    He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat,
    With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet;

    Now Mattis!, now Kelly!, now Sessions! And Pruitt!
    On Perry! On Flynn, You're the ones who can do it.
    Start lifting restrictions and building the wall,
    Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!;

    The roar of his audience rose from the stands,
    He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands.
    He answered their questions and calmed all their fears,
    They knew it would be a fantastic four years.
    Then he jumped in his limo, and off to his jet,
    A fellow that Liberals won't soon forget.
    He sent one more tweet as the evening expired;
    "Happy Inauguration to all,
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    Now that right there ...took some thinkin,


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    I was first reluctant to throw my rant about the inauguration, however I felt it my duty to remind others than Trump will be OUR president whether you like it or not. Our 200+ years of heritage MUST be preserved, it must be respected and the office should not be trampled upon if he was not your candidate. As citizens of this great country we must learn how to loose with dignity and not be in-tangled with rhetoric. In order to understand the sweet taste of success, one must have experienced failures and try to learn from them. That is something Hillary and Obama will never understand. The poem above shows thought and insight, something that many do not have and will never experience. Congrats to Havasu for having the foresight to sit and think, for he is one who has experienced pain along with success. I found it to be very thoughtful to put it on our forum.

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    You know, on a side note, my g/f is a staunch Republican. The hateful email she has received from her Democratic friends has really caused a strain in her relationships with these folks. She reminded them that when the shoe was on the other foot 8 years ago, she still considered them friends. Not any more!
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    That's pretty sad that some of her friends have so little class. Glad to hear she stood up for herself. Life is too short to waste on "friends" like that.
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    Now , tell me who is causing the divisions in our country,

    That's a perfect example..

    I didn't riot and protest and burn things, when Obummer won (twice),
    I didn't go hate against anybody just because they were lefty dems.

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    Now that.....was awesome!

    Thanks for posting, Havasu