Trump missile attack a bust

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    Seems Trump's missile attack on Syria was a bust and it was aborted in about an hour rather than days as it was possibly expected to last. It has been reported that about 70% of the missiles were blown up in the air by Syrian ground anti missile defense and so the attack was aborted within about an hour. The missiles are to expensive to just be blown up in the air or perhaps Russia made a threat that was not taken as a bluff by US intelligence.

    We are living in very crucial times for sure.
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    So your saying what’s reported on the news is a cover up?

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    From what I have read on several alt media news sites they all report the same thing.

    The chemical attacks are reported as false flags and didn't happen just like the Irag WMD were not found either. They were false flags for excuse to bomb a foreign nation that wasn't playing ball with the West or Israel.

    Read up on ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, whatever name given them and perhaps any rebel terrorist group to see who is financially backing them. It takes huge bucks to back and supply an army/mercenary organization. Poor commoners don't have those big bucks. Typical war for profits.

    Read up on Syrian history for the last 30 years and you will read Syria overcame a lot and was doing quite well as a sovereign nation not dependent on the West. Some might think the link below is BS propaganda but from other research I believe the link is truthful of what is going on in Syria. The UN was created to stop sovereign nations from being ganged up on. From what I understand Trump had no vote of approval from congress or the UN to bomb Syria. I don't think the president has the right to do that on his own.

    People need to realize when our own country is being divided in every way imaginable and the push is on for disarming then we might figure out our military fighting in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and in other countries aren't protecting our rights and freedoms here. As a matter of opinion I sure don't believe our military is fighting for the freedoms and rights in Syria right now either. We have a shadow government agenda going on right here in our own country and that agenda isn't to protect ours or anyone else's freedoms or rights. It is all war/conflict for profit and agenda fulfillment. Read up on history and see war and conflict follow almost identical patterns. History is being repeated right now.

    Don't for even a second of time think I don't love the USA because I totally whole heartedly do. I just don't like the shadow powers that are obviously running our government. To many people that were or about to expose the corruption in this country have suddenly met their death. It is going to take the population as a whole to wake up to what is going on to stop this madness. That is the only way the shadows will be exposed. Shine the light on them that all can see.

    People better wake up to what is happening with huge censoring of Alternative news websites, You Tube videos, and basically all internet use. The internet is the last hope for the common citizens to communicate with each other as to what really is fake news. People for the most part have no idea how big the push for total control of the internet is happening right now.
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    Sounds like MSNBC and CNN had a baby!