Trump going for the jugler to drain swamp.

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    So they think Trump is mentally inept to perform his job as president of the USA. Those that think that are about to see who is mentally inept and it isn't Trump. Trump seems to be saying the ball is in my court now.
    Several of the big tech web giants just got their internet doors shuttered for a short time as a test and guess who pushed the button? Yep Trump did it.
    So called inept Trump has removed the knife of the Deep State from his own and the American citizens juggler and placed it on the juggler of those trying to take total control of the USA.
    Go Trump!!
    Check out this link and pass it on to all your friends. MAGA!
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    I sincerely hope that you're just sowing the seeds of a future "Not guilty by reason of insanity" plea when you're brought up on some serious charges of some kind. Of so then let me be the first to congratulate you on a thoroughly convincing and Oscar-worthy performance.

    P.S. The word you're fumbling for is "jugular", not "jugler" or "juggler"...unless for some bizarre reason you're actually referring to someone who tosses balls in the air for entertainment.
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    Well what seemed like Barr was going to go after the corruption now seems like as usual probably nothing will happen.
    Trump giving GMO food companies a pass isn't to promising either.
    If big tech internet censorship isn't stopped then don't expect this country to escape from a Titanic like ending.
    The two tankers red flag actions hasn't so far panned out as expected but it isn't over yet to give the all clear signal.
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    I doubt he can because all the crap they got on Trump so it's become a compromise. Trump isn't worried about the Russia thing he's worried about them exposing his business's and the fact that he's not a billionaire. The only thing he has to sell is the name Trump. Everything else is on paper and he might not even be a millionaire.

    Buster, all we really did was vote to keep Clinton out. The sad truth is Trump is all talk and no action. The largest city in my State just received over 200 migrants bused up from San Antonio from Africa. They are housing them at the expo center and welcoming them with open arms. And like those before them will become citizens without even knowing more than a few words in English and barely the city or State they live in.

    He's not done a damn thing either for law abiding gun owners and has sign off on the red flag laws. All it takes is someone who doesn't like you to call the cops and say you are dangerous and good luck fighting it in court.

    That thread the other day that talked about the gun shop owner not wanting to sell a person a gun because the guys roommate said he was suicidal, that's what he claims right. Either the gun shop owner was lying, the roommate was or maybe it was real, who knows.

    Point is anyone can now simply say anything and you can lose your gun rights. And it's all by design, it's not design for the public's safety it's design to get the guns and stop the flow of guns.

    Trump is a New York city rat Liberal who became a rhino to get elected. Notice how he has a carry permit for New York city but has never fought for the average person there to carry. My voting days are over because it makes absolutely no difference, I'm tired of voting for a sham system.

    Local, State or National I don't give a rats-ass what happens anymore.:)
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