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Discussion in 'Ruger Mini 14' started by BamaFan, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. BamaFan

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    I have acquired a mini 14 (581) series and have searched for post with pictures or tutorials on doing a trigger job on the trigger group. I haven't found anything, so I am wondering if anyone has done one.

    I have the stones to do it and have done trigger jobs on other firearms and do not want to send my trigger group off to someone to have it done. I have Googled for videos but it's not Rugerforum and I joined this forum for such information. If anyone has any pictures or tips I would love to hear em. Thanks.
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    Same here BamaFan, I'm also looking for in Europe the price for such work is kind of pricey and in my honest opinion American gunsmith are far above our European might get metal work done at one place and have to send your trigger assembly to another place and if you need a stock done as in checkering you have to send it to another..hardly any one stop shop here for me..and finding a gunsmith that specialized in Mini 14 or 30's is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  3. Misfire51

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    There are a few people who do great work on Mini triggers. Gundoc was one of the best but he's retired, I would say .

    Terry G @ impact guns
    Brimstone Gunsmithing
    Accurscy Systems, Carl
    Lee Hadaway / The Arms room .com

    And pretty much any gunsmith that can do a decent Garand trigger can do a Mini.

  4. mmakster

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    Just watched a YouTube video from nutnfancy: mini 14 trigger job by Yoda G. Great stuff! Terry Garner Impact Guns Ogden UT
  5. Fundy

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    Speaking from my own stupid experience, be very careful if you're polishing the hammer/seer - 4-6 shot chain firing draws a lot of negative attention at ranges :eek:. Better yet, send it to a professional. I send my fouled up trigger group to Accuracy Systems and had very good results (as I mentioned in another thread). No, I don't work for them. :rolleyes: