Trigger job on SR1911 9mm

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  1. Tommycourt

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    I finally put a thousand rounds through my SR1911 9mm and took my pistol to the gun shop at the range I attend. It was still a little gritty and had a little more take up on the trigger than I desired. Gunsmith Dan said it would take him a little while. I asked that the trigger pull set @4lbs. He stated they took out a lot of the take up and the trigger was set @4lbs. and told me it was ready yesterday. I was surprised at how fast they got it done. I told them I would pick it up Sunday when I go to the range. They have done 3 SR1911's for me and I like them all the same on the triggers. Anxious to pick it up and give it a try this coming week end. I hope I like it.


    BTW the factory setting was a hair over 5lbs.
  2. EasyCZ

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    Hard to beat a good trigger job on a 1911.

  3. SavageGuy

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    Cool Tommy! Let us know how it shoots for ya now!

    What does your shop charge for a trigger job like that?
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    Most 1911 pistols I shot had glass breaking stock triggers anyway so I never thought about doing anything to them. But I just might not know how much better they can get. Everyone that has tried my Kimber trigger says wow. I guess I need check out an SR1911 trigger to see what ya'll are talking about.
    My Sig P226 is no 1011 but the trigger SA is real easy to get an unintentional discharge so I wouldn't even think about lightening its trigger action.
    Let us know what noticeable difference it has now Tommy. Are you able to keep tighter clusters now?
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    Good luck Tommy, ditto on what is the cost. Just wondering.;)
  6. Tommycourt

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    I will get back to you guys this week end after I go to the range. Trigger jobs here, at the range where I go cost $75.00 and I find that to be acceptable since you can go from the gun shop and walk into the range. It's surprising how much difference a trigger job can do to a pistol or rifle for that matter. You have to find a qualified gunsmith and not some guy who just does it as a hobby. Not that there are some good hobbyists, it's just the gun shop at the range will guarantee their work. My LW SR1911 had a 5 1/2 lbs. trigger pull and they took it down to 4lbs and eliminated some of the pretravel which I really enjoy. At first the trigger seems touchy until you get used to it. After you are used to it, it really makes a difference in helping me keep my groups. I am not a pistoleer by any means but @25 feet I can hold about a 3" group which is good for me. That's shooting off hand. I never had a chance to do a Ransom test but that would be interesting. 90% of my shooting is doing double taps so for me, that is probably the best I will be able to do. Eyes aren't what they used to be and I know I have to focus more on my grip, by that I mean, I have to stop and think of my grip with the strong hand. I can draw and have a good grip however my speed is a little slower each year. Bob Mundane would laugh his butt off but he was a legend when it came to draw and fire. Course he used a revolver and most of my guns are all on the 1911 platform. Will get back to you later.