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Trigger guard on both my Rugers is uncomfortable

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This is far from a huge deal, but I was curious to how much agreement or disagreement there is to my observation. It's entirely possible that nobody even thinks about this.

With my LCP MAX and to a lesser extent, my Security 9, I find the trigger guard (the horizontal part where it attaches to the grip) to be quite uncomfortable. It seems that ergonomically, it would make a huge difference for comfort if the area where it attaches to the grip were scooped out a bit more to accommodate the middle finger. I've noticed that some guns do indeed have that "scoop" where the middle finger can rest comfortably.

Here's a pic to show what I mean:
Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal

Notice that the trigger guard is curved and allows the finger below the trigger finger to nest right in there, as opposed to the Rugers where the trigger guard runs more straight across.

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal

The difference seems minor, but it makes all the difference in the world comfort-wise in my experience.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Again, this isn't an earth-shattering issue. I'm really more curious than anything else.


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I suspect the design of the Ruger has to do with the original intent.
It's been made as small and light as possible for concealed carry.
I have 3 LCPIIs and this condition has never been an issue.

If it really affects you there are lots of larger firearms available..
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