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  1. Holtz

    Holtz New Member

    Should a trade my Taurus pt1911 45 for the Ruger SR45.
  2. VThillman

    VThillman Active Member

    If you have a good Taurus - it's a QC problem with them, not a design problem - I suggest you keep it. And get a Ruger in a different caliber when you have accumulated the funds.

  3. refugee

    refugee New Member

    I have zero knowledge of the Taurus. the SR45 is perhaps the most accurate and reliable pistol I own. I also own the SR1911CMD. it is on a par with several 1911's I own that cost 2 to 3 times as much. I am partial to my Rugers.
    the SR series is the one I carry more than any other. I own five of them, 9, 9c, 40, 40c, and SR45.
  4. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    I have 3 RugerSR1911's. The first one is the standard 6" barrel and it shoots fine. You can feed it almost anything and it will eat it. The second is the Commander. I bought it for my carry/conceal and it is a good pistol however a little heavy to carry all day. Lastly my other pistol is the LW Commander that I do carry with me at all times. Since the frame is aluminum, it is much lighter than the regular Commander. I had a trigger job done on it and it will out shoot me. Ruger has a good reputation and I can tell you from experience, should you have a problem, they will take care of it immediately. I have never shot a Taurus so I can't give you a good comparison to go by. I just know this, my life may depend on my LW Commander and I have no problem with that! I used to carry Glocks but wasn't happy with them. They may be a fine pistol, however I was not happy with them, but I am sure happy with all of my RugerSR1911's.

  5. OldTexan

    OldTexan New Member

    With the luck I've had with a couple Taurus', I never considered their 1911 which appears to be a decent feeling gun. Never shot one.

    But I own and SR 45 and it's a nice shooter. So if you trade, you'll get a good gun.

    It ain't a 1911, though so that could be an issue. As mentioned, the SR1911 is one fine gun. I love the one I have and it's a different critter than the SR45 in many ways. The SR1911 to me is a piece of art in comparison.

    My SR45 is a HD weapon as it's to big to carry. The double stack mag makes it wider than a 1911 and that's another factor for me.....But again, it's a fine gun.