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Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by Tommycourt, May 24, 2015.

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    I finally had a chance to shoot my LW Commander since I got it back from the factory. They changed out the barrel and bushing as it was a little "sloppy" according to Mike the technician. When Mike shot it he shot it @ 19yds. with a 6 o'clock hold. I found out that with my hold I have to sight it differently. Today I shot it at 30 feet distance using my round nose reloads. His group was much better than mine. He used a bench rest and I shot free hand. I am using some old NRA targets with the 3" black round spot. My group was hitting the black mark although I did manage to cut the 8 line making my group 3 1/2". I use a slightly higher hold than the factory did so it hits my POA. The gun shoots better than I can shoot it.
    I am not complaining as I need more practice and the gun has less than 200 rounds through it. I won't ever be a 10X shooter and I am not ashamed to say that. My age and eyes aren't what they used to be but I am not using that as an excuse. I know that if I have to, I can within certain boundries hit the bad guy if I have to and I don't think he will notice and inch or 2 difference of where he gets hit. The Commander is a great pistol and I will continue to do my weekly range work. After watching the Video that was posted, I did not follow exactly what the instructor said. I need to rest a few more seconds between rounds. I would fire 3, rest slightly and then resume. I truly believe that I can become a better shooter over time, it's just going to take me longer than most. But, most of all, I had fun and enjoy my time at the range. Thanks to all for all the advice you have given me and giving me food for thought. I really appreciate this forum and all the great people on it. I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and don't let us forget why they call it that. Again, thanks to all and thanks for posting the video!! I fired 100 rounds all total and 25 for accuracy.
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    3 1/2" 10 yards ....with a lite weight ,

    I dont want to be the bad guy and meet up with ya.

    Good shootin, good report .

    Practice practice practice...


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    Tommy, you shoot plenty good enough. Aside from that, you are more durable than I am. I never break more than 50 caps at the range in any given day, because I'm getting twitchy by then.

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    3 1/2" will get the job done. Can't compare bag rest to free hand shooting. I am sure they bag rest just to show the gun is performing as it should.
    Seems you are happy with the gun so all is good.
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    Buster and Bob,
    I am happy with the Commander and how it shoots. I shoot approx. 100 rounds when I go to the range however after about 75 rounds I can feel the fatigue start to take it's toll. But I still keep on shooting although I know that the last 25 or so rounds are getting somewhat wasted. And Jim, I keep looking at the silhouette targets that are the "hostage" targets so that kind of drives me to work hard at accuracy. I don't even want to use it for SD, but I don't want to take any chances either. Now, as Jim said before, we can have good days and bad days and we scratch our heads wondering what we did wrong. Well if we had good days all the time, we would not appreciate them as we do. Now when I have a good day, I just thank God for giving it to me and enjoy it to the best of my ability. Don't mean to preach so I will stop here. Today was a better day than yesterday and I am thankful for the blessings I received today.