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    Not meaning August 5, 2019... but in the longer view.
    Being President of the United States has got to be the hardest job in the world!
    Politics is the art of the POSSIBLE, and honest men and women are allowed to have differing opinions, and still work for the good of the Nation! Example: Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch.
    You will hardly ever get all you think you should have, but it is possible to still achieve something that most can agree on, and will be good for the Nation as a whole!

    But, that has largely been forgotten in the hateful atmosphere of Washington in the last few years. Young, uneducated or lazy folks elect those who promise "free stuff", and when somebody who does not fit the silver-tongued, promise the moon and more image, and actually tries to do something, the peasants with their pitchforks and torches will try to kill him. They don't like being told "The Emperor and you have no clothes!"

    True Mr. Trump is sometimes his own worst enemy, but...he is no dictator, despite what the Left and "intellectuals" in his own party claim...AND he is trying, (When was the last time you remember a politician actually keeping his election promises?) and for the most part succeeding. So, like most of us who didn't vote for Barak Obama, let us sit back, watch the war, tell our elected representatives what we expect of them...they don't do it...VOTE them out! and pray for our President to succeed! Life will be more pleasant, and it couldn't hurt!
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    If you elect clowns then what can you expect other than a circus type show?
    When you erase history that tells of how freedom was won then slavery returns. Slavery isn't a minority problem but rather a problem for all people. Nothing is given without expecting repayment in some way. Freedom doesn't come by sitting on your ass expecting someone to give it to you. Freedom is not profitable for those that control/take your money.

    I don't think anyone wants to step into Trump's shoes right now. I do believe that Trump believes in freedom not slavery. It's a shame the voices of his supporters, the ciitizens, are being censored by every form of mass media. There is the Deep State in action.

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    I am of Mexican decent. My grandparents came here legally on a work permit in the 30's. In time they established legal residency along with their children.
    I strongly feel that those families arriving here illegally need to work for it and make it here legally. They can't just come here and expect everything free, like the health care. All of Americans have worked so hard for what they have and to see others at street corners waiting for their welfare checks it wrong. What is happening along the border maybe disturbing to some but it is a place where they need to be stopped and turned around. When they come back again they should be locked up for their infractions.
    Trump is doing a good job at everything else. Even the unemployment for the minority is at its lowest point. A lot better than what Obama did.
    He has taken the immigration problem and is doing something that no other president was willing to do, not even Bush. To the point of him being criticized and labeled as a racist. I do not think Trump is that. He may not be as eloquent and articulate as some RAT in a suit but he says what is need to be said without the fear of being politically correct. I think he is an all American and wants to better our country by cleaning up the mess that others have left behind. If anything Trump has done is set us on a different course, he has set a different standard in the white house. Dems or Republican, it will be different when Trump is out.
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