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    It ain't much, but any time I go out plinking with my FIE 22lr 8-shot double-action revolver...I think about my grandpa going fishing and having this thing snug in his raw hide holster for snakes. Same with my old Ithaca Featherweight 12ga.

    When I pull my old single shot break-over .410 out of the closet once in a blue moon...I remember when my Dad told me how many rabbits he shot with it as a kid. I remember the story of when Grandpa gave it to him and fondly of when my Dad gave it to me.

    There are at least 3 guns in my collection that I will never part with. They are of little to no value, yet priceless just the same. Meticulously cared for beyond any of my modern toys. Brought out on special occasions and kept as pristine as possible.

    They will be passed down in the same spirit to my kids or grand kids as soon as they're mature enough to appreciate them as I do.

    In loving memory of my late Grandpa, "Sonny"...and my still-kickin' Pops.
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    I' m like you. My grandpa's double-barrel Stephens shotgun is one of my prized possessions. It has little monetary value, but it's priceless to me. I'm sure I'll inherit some of my dad's guns when he passes. Those will be cherished and treated with equal reverence.

    Thanks for the post.
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    I have my grandpas old single barrel 12ga Volunteer Arms (Iver Johnson) that kept the family feed when they were younger and dirt poor. I refinished the butt stock and found a foregrip for it, and right now its sitting in the safe awaiting a wall hanging spot.

    My dad gave me his Marlin Model 99 M1, dad is still with us (thank God, and hopefully for many more years), but its a gun I love to go plink with, and its a great reminder of the times we went squirrel hunting and dad carried it.

    Firearms can be great heirlooms past down the generations to bring back memories of the good old days and those who have passed on.