To good to be true but.... Impeachment?!

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    You know the sayin, "if it sounds to good to be true......"

    Call me when it happens and Ill pay for the celebration party...

    I aint too worried about having to put up...:spot:


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    I have to wonder will any of our representatives read any of it before voting on it? Will it even come to a vote? I seriously doubt it but I would sure like to be surprised.
    There are to many representatives hands in with Obama so I doubt they will put themselves in a spotlight by voting for his impeachment.
    I don't see it happening but I sure do believe he should be impeached. Heck they can't even get Obama for using a dead man's SS number from another state.
    I have read reports saying Obama will not finish his last term. I just hope he gets the boot before he totally finishes off the USA.
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    Who ever promises to get rid of the IRS is getting my vote.
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    Two Presidents of the United States have been impeached by the House of Representatives...

    Andrew Johnson in 1868 and William (Bill) Clinton in 1998.

    Neither was convicted by the Senate, so both completed their terms.

    A third (Richard M. Nixon) resigned prior to the full-House vote for impeachment.

    Impeachment is analogous to indictment in regular court proceedings, while trial by the other house is analogous to the trial before judge and jury in regular courts. Typically, the lower house of the legislature will impeach the official and the upper house will conduct the trial.
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