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If you buy or sell guns online or in any kind of picture format, chances are you have seen some things you would rather not see. Your interest, after all, lies in the gun, yet why is there so much background noise to detract from it? What is that oddball item sitting on the counter next to this gun someone is trying to convince you to purchase?

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When buying or selling firearms, there should be a good picture to go along with the item being offered for sale to enhance the possibility of a completed transaction. This may seem like a no-brainer, but all it takes is a quick look around the internet to find pictures that will put you off. The pictures may range from having minor flaws to having major ones, but they have one universal thing in common: they make people pass and move on to the next one.

As you take pictures of firearms you wish to sell or even just show off, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. In order to give that item the best chance at being sold or to give yourself the most points for having a swag new gun, you are going to need to take a good picture. Here are some things to avoid:

1. Your feet, whether beautifully manicured or gnarly enough to snatch a fish from the ocean, should not be a part of the picture. Neither should your belly, regardless of whether you are rocking an awesome vintage t-shirt or are letting it all hang out in the open. Take a step back and zoom in if you must, but keep your parts out of the shot. Dogs and other critters, no matter how cute, should not be in the shot either.

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2. Beware of washouts. There is nothing worse than going too heavy on the flash as it distorts everything and does not give a clear picture of the firearm you are trying to capture. This is especially true in the case of metal, which reflects light. Take a sample picture and honestly asses the way it looks; if it is too washed out, turn off the flash and try again.

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3. Beware of the background! This is one of the most important things when taking a picture. Not only do you need to think about what is behind the firearm you are photographing, but you also need to be aware of what is behind you. Why, you ask? If there happens to be a reflective surface, such as a mirror, in your shot, it is going to reflect the you and what is beyond you. So many unnecessary things get captured in photos because they snuck into the background, such as toilets, dirty laundry, etc.

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4. It also helps to avoid putting your finger atop the flash.

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Now that we've discussed some things to avoid and not to, what about the things that should be done? Here goes:

1. Find good lighting. Since most of us are not professional photographers, it is hard to manipulate a camera to create a good looking source of false light. You can try and possibly become frustrated, or you can step outside. Nothing beats natural light; it will enhance the object in the photo without looking harsh.

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2. If you cannot find a good background, create one. Take a clean towel or blanket and use it as a backdrop if you must or set an item on a crisp, clean surface free of distractions. Also keep in mind the subject matter; if you are taking a picture of a gun, perhaps lay it across an unused target or even take a photo of it in its box, but do so with good lighting present.

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If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to get good gun pictures which will aid you as a seller by making the object more easily viewable to prospective buyers. Alternately, a good picture will make the firearm you wish to show off look that much better, giving you all the more bragging rights about your new acquisition in the process. Regardless of the reason behind it, being able to take a good gun photo is priceless.
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